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Casey and Brad

No description

lib hist

on 10 September 2013

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Transcript of Casey and Brad

Brad and Casey
Medal of Honor Recipient

Joining the Army
He was working in a bowling alley, when he saw a video of the President giving the Medal of Honor to Roger Donald. His family was always involved with the army, his dad was in the artillery and he always wanted to be in the army. He enlisted in the army and asked to be in the artillery like his dad in 1965. After his training he volunteered to be sent to Vietnam. He became a Private First Class,U.S. Army Battery C, 2nd Battalion, and 4th Artillery, 9th Infantry Division. Sammy showed true Citizenship and Patriotism at a very young age, he was eager to protect his country and would make sacrifices to do so.

Getting shot by a Howitzer Beehive Round
The enemy had gotten closer and started attacking, he went to a Howitzer to give cover for the soldiers when he was knocked back and became unconscious. Also his Sargent had gotten hit right in the chest. As an enemy started to take control of his weapon, when someone shot a beehive round at the enemy, and it hit him 30 times from his thigh to his back. The only reason he was alive was his flak jacket. After he became conscious he noticed that he has surrounded by enemies, he picked up his gun and started firing. This shows true Courage and Patriotism, even though he was hurt he knew what his job was and continued fighting.
Saving injured soldiers
He saw a soldier on the other side of the river yelling "I am a GI!" So he got an air mattress and swam across the river in feeble condition. He found a foxhole with 3 injured people, he made two agonizing 45 minute trips to rescue the soldiers. On the way to help more soldiers he noticed his Sargent in the water half dead. He grabbed his hand and thought about all the things the Sargent made him do. Like polishing all the bullets one at a time and working a Howitzer blindfold in 100 degrees weather and realized that the Sargent was being harsh and mean because he loved them. Sammy Davis showed more Honor,Courage,Citizenship,and Patriotism by doing whats right and makes sacrifices for others and his country.
Sammy was recommended by the 11 soldiers that were alive for his bravery and courage. Sammy knows the meaning of the Medal of Honor, he knows he didn't "win" it he keeps it for all the soldiers that didn't come home. He is humble and shows true Honor.
Receiving the Medal of Honor
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