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Surf Life Saving

No description

Elizabeth Harris

on 16 September 2015

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Transcript of Surf Life Saving

Surf Life Saving
The event that I am researching this term for history is Surf Life Saving an Australian free off charge organization that pushes water safety and gives surf rescue services.
When did this event begin?
Surf Life Saving started in 1907 on the 18th of october
How to become a Surf Life Saver
To become a surf lifesaver you need to join your local surf life saving club. You will then need to get your Bronze Medallion training qualification. To get this you must be over the age of 15 and demonstrate surf awareness, survival, patrol and rescue procedures,
Did Surf Life Saving cause lasting changes
Yes they did because Australia is a leading country in water safety and people can now swim in daylight hours as it was illegal before Surf Life Saving started.
by Aldric Thomas
What event are you researching?
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