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Steps To Implement Intelligent Transportation System.

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Ashraful Alam

on 24 September 2013

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Transcript of Steps To Implement Intelligent Transportation System.

Intelligent Transportation System using Wireless sensor Networks.
Why need Intelligent Transportation System??
Causes of Traffic Congestion
Adding various vehicles everyday.
Violation of traffic Rules and Regulations.
Mismanagement of traffic system.
Poor Transportation Infrastructure.
Road Accidents
Traffic Congestion
Environmental & Health Issues
How Can solve It??
Challenge to Implements
World Health Organization says 1.3 Millions people deaths every year in road accidents.
45,000 in USA.
3,531 in Bangladesh.
More than 30 millions injures Worldwide.
3.2 millions working hours waste everyday in Bangladesh.
BDT 19,555 crore loss.
BDT 575 crore fuel waste every year (at CNG price).
Kill vehicles lifetime.

In USA every year 45,000 deaths for Road Accidents, where 17,000 deaths for Air Pollution.
Particulate matter concentrations (PM10) Values 13 in UK, 18 in USA , Bangladesh have 110.
Environmental loss BDT 22,000 annually in Bangladesh
Blood Pressure, bronchitis and many diseases cause for Traffic Congestion.
Equipped with Electronically Controlled Break System (ECB).
Vehicle Stability System (VCS).
Pre-Crash safety System (PCS).
Driving Safety Support System (DSSS).
And many more.
Sensor & Communication
Ultrasonic Sensor, Millimeter Wave Radar, Infrared Sensor, Stereo Camera etc…
Routing protocol (Geocasting or TinyLuner).
Up to 2.4 GHz frequency can be used.
Infrastructure Development
Use new Technology to make vehicles intelligent.
Control to adding new vehicles everyday.
Alternate embedded device for old vehicles which was not built-in with sensor.

Infrastructure Development
New intelligent Traffic. Management System, Centrally controlled Smart Data Center.
Different Lane for different types of vehicles, Ex- In most Left side lane for Public Bus and Most Right Side Lane for Private Car.
Improve old traffic Infrastructure and Develop some new for Making an Efficient Traffic System.
Profit / Results
Save 1 million hours everyday.
Save 2000 lives annually.
Save BDT 22,000 crore annually.
Save Environment from pollution (Air, Water).
Increase GDP.
Sensor & Communication
Install sensor in Road-side Infrastructure.
Attach Coordinate Sensor at intersect point.
Use an efficient and user feasible Communication. Ultra High Frequency (UHF).

Recommend, IEEE 802.15.4 Standard – Zigbee.
Intelligent Vehicles
Works with old infrastructure -Road & Traffic System.
Develop new also.
Thank you!
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