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Role of Women in WW1

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michelle charina steph

on 23 October 2012

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Transcript of Role of Women in WW1

By Michelle, Steph and Charina Women during World War One Introduction Women were on the home front, faced managing a family and looking after their children.

They had to deal with household responsibilities like managing shortages in food supplies.

After the war, dealing with the loss of a loved one mainly fathers and husbands was a large load on their shoulders. Role of Women
- Women had to take on much more responsibility on the home front e.g. attend to the house and raise the children

- War was men’s business, and the role of women, it was said, was to ‘wait and weep’.

- They created the Red Cross and worked in voluntary activities to support the men

- The Red Cross packed billies for soldiers and sent them to the soldiers at the time of Christmas, gave them sandwiches and tea for traveling and baked cakes from the heart for training camps

- They organized concert parties to raise funds like the “Royal Patriots” and the “Win the war girls”

- They pressurized men to enlist and refused to marry eligible men who had not been to war, some even sent white feathers “symbol of cowardice” to men Dorothy Lawrence What Women did at War http://goanimate.com/videos/0E1uAcATzziA?utm_source=linkshare&uid=0m47BbUZWgaU
Born: 4 October 1896 in Hendon, England

Occupation: She had a desire to be a journalist

Dorothy Lawrence was 19 at the start of WW1 and was pursuing a career as an English reporter on the front line. Women were not allowed on the front line so she posed as a male named Dennis Smith and joined the British Army

Died: Friern Hospital, Barnet in 1964 Statistics about Women with Employment http://goanimate.com/videos/09PKQNhRYnCM?utm_source=linkshare&uid=0m47BbUZWgaU
What is an example of a voluntary group that the women could join? Quiz Time! Thank you for Watching :) (Video Link) (Video Link) What did Dorothy Lawrence do?
a) Organize concert parties?
b) raise funds
c) volunteer in the Red Cross
d) fight in war What did the women in Britain allow to do that the Australian women did not? What's a new thing in the 1920s? Where did the government think the women belonged? Some of the things that women had to do or taken on are listed below:
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