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BRAZIL "Intercultural Management"

No description

Juan Let

on 25 September 2012

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Transcript of BRAZIL "Intercultural Management"

We found sources through different ways:

Private Banker for UBS in Brazil (2007)
HSBC web site
Friend working in Brazil (Sao Paulo)
Geert Hofstede
Fons Trompenaars
Mexican HSBC Banker
Different researches about how to deal with Brazilians Sources... websites








http://geert-hofstede.com/brazil.html Table of Contents
- Amount
- Geographical Areas
- Ages
Business with Brazilian
Conclusion Caina Gasbarro
Baptiste Sallin
Ermal Uka
Miguel Pérez
Martha Magdaleno
Eduardo Letkeman Who are we?
- We are specialized in costumer segmentation.
- We have a long experience in banking, marketing and world market.

What is "NOSSO"?
"NOSSO" is unique & beyond every existing product.

What makes our software so special?
- Special tool for Brazilian banking market
- Different segmentation criteria
- Consider the Geert Hofstede´s criterias. INTRODUCTION How does it work?
"NOSSO" provides you a platform with clients data:
Name, address, fortune, portfolio,account number…

The categories are:
1. Amount segmentation
2. Geographical areas segmentation
3. Ages segmentation Name: NOSSO

Date of birth: 2011

Goal: Help HSBC to segmentate the existing customer but also new customers. O

T We choose to segmentate amount by classes:

Class 1: under 200 Real (-100$)
Class 2: 200 Real-600 Real (100$- 300$)
Class 3: 600 Real- 1400 Real (300$-700$)
Class 4: 1400 Real – 4600 (700$-2300$)
Class 5: 4600 and more (2300$ and more) 1.
AMOUNT SEGMENTATION The bank mainly focuses on the people who can earn a healthy income every month.

Target: the upper middle class & higher class 2014, Middle class will represent more than 50%, that means more than 200 Million people Amount Future 2.
SEGMENTATION BY REGION Discovered by Portugal.
Foreigners BRAZIL: Overview
North: Amazon & Natives
NE: African roots
CW: Fast development & Brasilia
SE: Urban & Diverse
South: European population POPULATION 183 987 291 people REGIONAL ECONOMY North Largest region
Slow GDP
Hydroelectric dams, services segment, electronics, tourism. NORTHEAST Poor people
Gas Politics
Minerals MIDWEST Highest GDP
Rio & Sao paulo
Work Power
IT SOUTHEAST Smallest region
Highest Quality of life
Country NORTH Informal
Masculine NORTHEAST Tropical
Less Hierarchical
More formal
Less masculine CENTRAL WEST Region of settlers
Less formal
Very similar SOUTHEAST Urban
Densely populated
Ethnically mixed
Short term oriented European
Less formal
More individualistic
More masculine
Prosperous SOUTH 3.
AGE SEGMENTATION a) Youth: under 18
b) Getting Started: between 18-35
c) Builders: 35-50
d) Accumulators: 50-60
e) Preservers: older than 60 BUSINESS WITH BRAZILIAN Brazilian women still earn less than men.

Brazil still is , to a certain extent, sexist country. WOMEN POWER "Great majority of Brazilian companies still operate under a hierarchical organization form".

"Everybody is subordinate to someone else, with exception of the company owner". Is the lowest salary can employer an legally pay to his employees for a full time job. Salário Mínimo The current minimum salary are 545BRL per month.

In addition to this you as an employer have to cover transportation and lunch expenses. 250.92 CHF It is impossible to determine the way an entire nation behave.

However, we can say that there are certain practices that can be defined as typical of a determined culture. SOCIAL SEGMENTATION Greetings When meeting a Brazilian for the first time, the best option is to wait for the host to make the first move. Then, you just have to follow in retribution. It is important to note that most Brazilians do business with people, not with companies or organizations. INTERACTING WITH BRAZILIANS Brazilians also keep eye contact while they are carrying a conversation. Moving away may be interpreted as rejection BUSINESS MEAL RULES Brazilian society is very food-oriented, and it is very common to have business meals. If you are going to meet somebody, there must be some food involved. The person who intends to close the deal with the other, should invite for the business meal. The bill should be payed by the person who invited the other. Remember that you are representing your company and the importance your invited has to it. Never be late, eventhough Brazilians have a difficulty with being on time. Order easy things to eat. If the food takes much attention, the main point of the business meeting will not be achieved. If you are having lunch, never drink alcohol. If you are in a business dinner and there is no way to avoid drink, never pass the first glass. Remember you are meeting this person for business reasons and the alcohol can make you lose focus. Always be aware about the time. Your business meal should never take more than two hours counting the whole process. Brazil is the 5th largest country over the world, that's why it has been segmented by various criteria that make easy to have the national coverage.

The most important is by region due to its geographical location is not enough to separate by States, so we rather separate by region, which according to its geographical conditions we can identify the professional activities and cultural lifestyle which represent the market. CONCLUSION As mentioned the Brazilian culture is latin, where people are used to work hard on their personal and professional status because they have a very strong weight in their lives. That is why it is really important to develop work relationships based on friendship and respect. "Working for Natura was a unique experience. Brazilian companies are oriented to the well-being of their employees and try to create a very original organizational culture. Every day we had 5 minutes, no more than that, of office gymnastics. Exercise in which the entire company made some movements to active the body for being sitting half or sometimes the entire day. Also we were evaluated according to goals that the employee and his or her manager set together during the previous evaluation. That made us feel that the company cared about our needs and listened to us, which made us worked more enthusiastically. They usually have an open-door policy that helps to solve the problems faster than just sending emails to your peers or managers. I will definitely work for a Brazilian company again if I had the chance." Maria Guadalupe González Medina Testimony Thank You...
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