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Zen of Consulting

Consulting Philosophy Statement

Chadd Mathis

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of Zen of Consulting

Zen and the Art of Consulting Healthy atmosphere
conducive to thinking Sense of Calmness Mental Preparedness Meditative Centering How to
Achieve this: Collaboration Learning from each Consultation GOALS Focusing on a mutual, conversational cooperation
between both client and consultant. Respect for
the writer's
time I understand that the writer's time
is extremely valuable. They took time
out of their day to see me so I want to
make the most out of each consultation. Each consultation is completely different from the next.
I personally feel that you can't hold on to one set of strategies for all consultations. Each writer responds and behaves in different ways regarding their own writing. Adapting to the writer Growth
Improvement Gaining More Experience Encompassing Everything I've Learned
In Each Consultation Defferring to the writer Knowledgeable Companion and Mentor
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