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Library Genre Shelving

This Prezi defines our library's genres and where they are located on the shelves.

Shasteen Murphy

on 30 August 2018

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Transcript of Library Genre Shelving

There are many others
x marks the spot
Literary Genres
What's a genre?
Story based on the imagination of the author
Fiction means fake
Written to entertain the reader
Characterized by a setting, characters, dialog, problem/conflict, and the climax and solution
There are two main
literary genres:
fiction and nonfiction.
Written works based on facts
Nonfiction means true
Written to inform the reader
Characterized by providing information about topics, and various text structures
Realistic Fiction
Science Fiction
Fiction Subgroups
Look for my picture on the fiction shelf
Adventure stories have lots of action
The entire story is a roller coaster ride of chills and excitement
The story does not always end happily
There must be a villain, for without one there is no story
Story includes elements that are impossible like talking animals and magic powers
Make-believe is what this genre's all about
Look for your favorite genre on the fiction wall
Books are shelved first by genre, then by the first three letters of the author's last name
Get ready to explore new genres or authors
Genre Shelving
Realistic fiction is made up of stories that could really happen
Historical fiction is made up of stories that happened in a specific time and place in the past
The horror genre seeks to create a mood of anxiety or fear
In these stories something is just not right
The evil element often wins
Stories in the humor genre are lighthearted and fun
These books poke fun at situations and have humorous elements
There is a puzzle involved or some unexplained event
Both the reader and the protagonist (hero) get to figure it out, step by step
Science fiction is made up of stories that blend fact, fiction and technology together
It can be any time period, but it's usually in the future
Traditional fiction is made up of folk tales, fairy tales, tall tales, legends, fables and myths
These are the stories that were passed down over many generations, for hundreds or even thousands of years
Harry Potter
I like ghost stories
Out of the Dust
Judy Blume
Star Wars
A genre is a kind,
or type of literature.
Examples of Adventure Books

F-ADV KOR Swindle - by Gordon Korman
F-ADV PAU Hatchet - by Gary Paulsen
F-ADV TAR I Survived Hurricane Katrina, 2005 - by Lauren Tarshis

Examples of Fantasy Books

F-FAN COL Artemis Fowl - by Eoin Colfer
F-FAN HUN Warriors: Into the Wild - by Erin Hunter
F-FAN RIO The Sea of Monsters - by Rick Riordan
Examples of Historical Books

F-HIS DEA The Door in the Wall - by Marguerite de Angeli
F-HIS FOR Johnny Tremain - by Esther Forbes
F-HIS SEL The Invention of Hugo Cabret - by Brian selznick
Examples of Horror Books

F-HOR KEH Ghost Dog Secrets - by Peg Kehret
F-HOR SAG Frognapped - by Angie Sage
F-HOR WRI The Moonlight Man - by Betty Ren Wright
Examples of Humorous Books

F-HUM BLU Double Fudge - by Judy Blume
F-HUM KEL Melonhead - by Katy Kelly
F-HUM WEE Oggie Cooder - by Sarah Weeks
Examples of Mystery Books

F-MYS BAR The 100-Year-Old Secret - by Tracy Barrett
F-MYS RAS The Westing Game - by Ellen Raskin
F-MYS STA The Secret Tree - by Natalie Standiford
Examples of Realistic Books

F-REA KRU ...And Now Miguel - by Joseph Krumgold
F-REA RAW The Yearling - by Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings
F-REA TUN Grand National - by John R. Tunis
Examples of Science Fiction Books

F-SCI BEL The Trolley to Yesterday - by John Bellairs
F-SCI PAR Archer's Quest - by Linda Sue Park
F-SCI SCI Your Mother Was a Neanderthal - by Jon Scieszka
Examples of Traditional Books

F-TRA AES Aesop's Fables - by Aesop
F-TRA AND The Ugly Duckling - by Hans Christian Andersen
F-TRA COL Pinocchio - by Carlo Collodi
In this library, fiction is shelved alphabetically by genre first, and then within the genre by the author's last name. Look for the book's call # (where its located on the shelf) in the Destiny Discover catalog.

A call # of F-ADV TWA would mean

F= Fiction
ADV= Adventure
TWA= Twain
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