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Animal Farm Project

No description

Laura Berkel

on 27 May 2010

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Transcript of Animal Farm Project

! Animal Farm ! but who did it start out with??? George Orwell George Orwell, also known as Eric Blair, was born in 1903.
He lived in England with his mother, father, and his 2 sisters. Some of
his other writings besides "Animal Farm" include: 1984, & Burmese day.
CHAPTER 1 =) CHAPTER 2 =D CHAPTER 3 xD CHAPTER 4 : ) ChAPTER 5 = > CHAPTER 6 o.O CHAPTER 7 =( ChAPTER 8 >= D CHAPTER 9 ): D ChAPTER 10 ; D Mr. Jones is the the owner of Manor Farms
Mr. Jones is a drunk and is cruel to the animals
In the begining you meet Old Major
Old Major is the oldest pig and is basically in charge
He gathers all the animals for a meeting and tells them this:
He is old and going to die, their lives are miserable, and the only one to blame is Man and that Man should be removed.
He also tells them that he had a dream that they lived in a world where man had vanished
You also get a chance to listen to the song "The Beasts of England" which later becomes their anthem.
In the end of this chapter their meeting is interupted by the gunshot that Mr. Jones fired because he thought their was another animal outside. In chapter 2 Old Major dies
Squeler, Napoleon, and Snowball came up with the idea of Animalism
Animalism is basicsally their form of government
In this chapter you meet Mollie, who is vapid and only cares about ribbons and sugar
You also meet a character name Moses who is a raven and a spy.
He talks about a country called Sugarcandy mountain where it is Sunday 7 days a week and clover was in season all year round and sugar and cake grew on the hedges.
Everyone hated Moses because he was lazy and told stories
The most faithful out of the group were Boxer and Clover
In this chapter the animals are neglected and help themselves to some food of their own and when mr.Jones finds out he isnt pleased but the animals over throw him and kick him out of the farm
They start the begining of their new lives by making everything theirs and creating the 7 Commandments This Chapter focuses on all the animals hard work
We are introduced to Boxer and Clover who take charge along with Napolean and Snowball
In this chapter the animals learn some education
They learn how to read, write, and be productive
The major incident that happens in chapter 3 is with the milk and apples
One day they are gone and the animals ask where they went
The answer was that the Snowball, Napoleon, and Squealer ate them
Ofcourse the animals were upset and questioned whyand the explantion was this:
They needed to eat the apples and drink the milk so they can be healthy and that they didnt like doing it but they didnt so they could protect the farm and the animals would be safe from Jones.
The animals bought it and agreed with them and went back to work. In this chapter your introduced to 2 farms: Foxwood and Pinchfield
The animals have been trying to send messages to other farms to tell them of their new found government.
While this is happening Mr.Jones and the other men that belong to the 2 other farms plan on getting their land back and have a plan
"Beasts Of England" became their official anthem
Later, Jones and the them men of Foxwood and Pinchfield ambushed the animals
Ofcourse the animals won
Later the decided to call this the "The Battle of the Cowshed"
Boxer ended up killing a human and felt remorse
They made that day a holiday and decided to celebrate it along with the day of their rebelion
In the begining of the chapter they have trouble with Mollie
Eventually, she joinsanother farm
Later, disputes between Napoleon and Snowball occur
Snowball suggests building a windmill
He gets his ideas and learns by reading the old books of Mr.Jones
On the other hand, Napoleondoesnt agree with Snowball about the windmill and the two end up competing against each other
Benjamin makes an interesting point by saying that it doesnt matter what happens or whos in charge things are still going to be bad
The next day they have a meeting and Snowball explains his future plans
In the middle of the meeting the animals were attacked by the dogs that Napoleon took away from the mom
After the attack, Snowball was expelled from the group and Napoleon was made leader. The rest of the year , the animals worked hard, but were hapy
They worked 60 hours a week and in August they were going to start working on Sunday afternoons
All the work was voluntary, but if you didnt work then your meals were cut in half
Napoleon decided in a new policy
It was they would trade with other farms
They would trade things like eggs, corn, and hay
Later in the book, the pigs tried to speak up and talk at one of the meetings and were silenced by the growling dogs
The only humanally is Mr.Whymper
At the end of the chapter, the animals were awaken by a noise and had found the the windmill destroyed
At that moment, Napoleon had decided Snowball was responsible for it and that they had to get rid of him.
*The Russian Revoluntion* The RussianRevolution started out in 1917. The first czar who was in charge was Nicholas the 2nd. He ruled Russia well but, as time went by his monarchy grew weaker and his power was starting to fail. Later, a guy named Vladimir Lenin introduced himself to Russia. As he promised Russia a better life he became more ppowerful and overthrew Nicholas. Unfortunetly, things were'nt what they seemed and Lenin's ideas became radical. Before anyone knew it Russia was spiraling down because of communist ways.And that was how the Russian Revolution was formed. Winter arrived and food sources were starting to decrease
All the animals are still working on the windmill, despite the harsh conditions
Later, Napoleon tells the hens to surrender their eggs so he can use them to trade
The hens disagree with this and so they argue
Napoleon then takes away their meals and tells the other animals if they try to help them or give them food they will be punished by death
Nine hens die as a result of it
Later there are rumors going around about Snowball invading the farm at night and stealing food, plus other items(ie:the key)
The there are some animals that come forward and confess to Napoleon of stealing food and killing other animals because Snowball came to them in their dreams and told them to do it
Upon Napoleons orders, those group of animals were slaughtered by the dogs
Eventually, "The Beasts of England" is abolished.

In this chapter things begin to change
The rule "no animal shall kill another animal" has been twisted and this is allowing the murders by Napoleon to by justified
Napleon has gotten a new name, it is : "(our leader) Comrade Napoleon"
Later , they debate who to sell the timber too
Eventually, they sell it to Frederick but, he gives them fake money for it in return
The animals are pissed and plan to get their revenge
Frederick and some of is men end up attacking animal farm
The result of the attack was some casualties and the windmill completely ruined
Everbody thinks of the battle as a victory because they rushed the humans out but, in the end they lost.
Later, they celebrate by drinking alcohal and singing in the farmhouse
Then Squeler announces Napoleon is dying (but he's not) and that anyone to drink alcohal will be punished by death
Napoleon recovers and saves a piece of land to grow barley
The law is changed that no animal can drink alcohal to excess

This chapter begins with Boxer having an injured hoof, thi leads him to looking forward to retirement
The animals plan on rebuilding the windmill...again.
More pigs are being produced and now they are becoming superior to the other animals by being able to be educated and not being able to play with the younger animals
The pigs are living in royalty by getting beer and barley and other accomidations like that
Napoleon became the offical president of animal farm and it was now known as a Republic
Later Boxer had fallen and was dying so Squeler decided to call for help
It was then realized that the "ambulance" that took Boxer away was actually taking him to the glue factory
Obviously Squeler and Napoleon lie and lead the animals to believe that Boxer was okay when they really murdered him
The animals are so upset and gullable that they believe the stories (hence being brain-washed)
The pigs then said that Boxers last words was that Napoleon was great and long live the animal farm

No question, now, what had happened to the faces of the pigs. The creatures outside looked from pig to man, and from man to pig, and from pig to man again; but already it was impossible to say which was whichBy this time years have passed and seasons have changed
The animals are still starving and working more than they need to
The windmill is finished and is a success; they are now working on windmill number two
Muriel, Bluebell, Jessie, Pincher and Jones are dead
The only two left are Clover and Benjamin who arent doing well anyways
The only commandment that is left and has been changed is this: all animals are equal but some are more equal than others
Napoleon and Squeler are still in charge and there is more of a population of pigs and dogs more than ever
During the end of the chapter, Clover and Boxer witness Squeler and the other pigs walking on their hind legs-to follow the sheep start chanting, "four legs good, two legs better" which totally contradicts what has happend before and goes against what Old Major would have wanted
Orwell portrays this well in the end when the pigs are sitting in the house around the table with the other farmers wearing clothes, drinking beer, and socializing with the humans. They end up changing the name back to "The Manor Farm" and Orwell finishes the book with this quote
" The creatures outside looked from pig to man, and from man to pig, and from pig to man again; but already it was impossibleto say which was which." !5 THINKING QUESTIONS! In what ways does Orwell display communism/dictatorship in the book?
Do you think things would have chaned in the begining if one of the animals had spoken up?
If you could change the ending of Animal Farm, how would you do it? and why?
Do you think this was the Rebelion Old Major wanted? Why or why not?
Do you think the ending of the book is controversial? Why or why not?
* How Is Animal Farm a Fable?*
fable-a short allegorical narrative maing a moral point, traditionally by means of animal characters who speak and act like human beings
Animal farm definately has talking animals in it and in the end they act like human beings
It is obviously a false story since animals can not talk although it's events are parallel to the Russian Revolution which was a true event that happened in 1917
Overall, this book is a fable because it has all the characteristics a fable includes
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