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Business One:One Units 40-44

Travel English

Avi Megiddo

on 5 June 2015

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Transcript of Business One:One Units 40-44

San Francisco
New York
Let’s take a tour of {place}
Let’s go on vacation to {place}
How about going to {place} in {month/season} ?
1. How do you get to the cafeteria from class?

2. How do you get from Hansung Station to class?

3. What's the best way to get to Kyobo - Gangnam ?

4. How can I get to Incheon Airport cheaply?

5. How do you usually get home every day?
Buenos Aires
bag bar batch bottle bowl box
bunch can carafe carton cup
glass jar loaf packet piece slice

rice fruit coffee soup chocolate honey milk bread sugar house wine
a ______ of :
Made with / Seasoned with / Served with
chop slice mince cube blend
Last Group Role-Play
(final exam speaking part)
2 people are going on business trip / vacation
1 person is the:
travel agent / hotel front desk / local / waiter / taxi driver

Write a script about the trip, using book language:
Unit 40: book tickets, Unit 41: check in, Unit 42: check a route (get directions), Unit 43: eat out, (41 check out) Unit 44: taxi

go to ANY city outside of Korea. go to a restaurant/café/sightseeing/adventure/activity
When we go to {place}, I want to visit _________example: When we go to Seoul, I want to visit Namsan Tower. I heard it’s beautiful there.

We can/Let's stay at {lodging} when we go to {place}example: We can stay at my friend Mariano's apartment when we go to Madrid next summer.
Eating Out
Unit 42: Checking a Route
Location Prepositions
Giving Directions
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