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Thirteen Reasons Why

No description

roaya braqa

on 31 October 2012

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Transcript of Thirteen Reasons Why

Thirteen Reasons Why By: Jay Asher It all starts when Clay Jensen receives seven tapes in the mail with no return address! with a map of his town from the girl he had a crush on called Hannah Baker The problem is Hannah Baker
committed suicide two weeks earlier! In order to know why clay
received those tapes he has
to listen to Hannah's story
and then pass the package on to
the next person on the list! After listening to the first tape, Clay
realizes that anyone that caused the death
of Hannah will receive this package. The package has seven tapes and thirteen stories.
BUT clay was in shock because he loved Hannah, he would never think of hurting her. Now the only way to know what he did is to listen to the tapes... Clays listens to the tapes, and wanders
around following the map that came with
the package. Clay lives through what Hannah has
lived before she killed herself! He listens to rumors, made up lists,
and false reputations that are all
part of the snowball effect caused
by the thirteen people that made
Hannah give up her own life! listening to all these stories
that Hannah went through
killed Clay, but this was his
only way to find out his reason
and the other thirteen
reasons why. Social Issue Hannah Baker committed suicide after
going through a lot in her life. No one
was there to trust, even her parents
weren't there for her. Her reputation that
was build on false rumors, she tried to ask
for help but no one helped enough
it was too late to fix all the damage!
no one cared enough. Suicide Suicide is the act of purposely killing oneself. To be considered suicide, death must be a result from self injury or from purposely exposing oneself to immediate fatal harm.
(Nadine J. Kaslow, World Book,2012) What are the causes of Suicide? - Have a family history of suicide
-Exposed to suicide of other people
- Certain mental disorder (especially DEPRESSION)
-people who suffer from hopeless physical illness
- Low self esteem
- Relationship problems
-Loss of a loved one
- Family conflict
-Child abuse
(Nadine J. Kaslow, World Book,2012) Suicide Statistics 2012 Example 18-year-old Jesse Logan took her own life after a nude picture of her was passed around by e-mail in September 2009 *according to new research suicide has surpassed car accidents as the No. 1 cause of INJURY related death in the United States, .(n.a., live science fox news,2012).

*Suicide is the THIRD leading cause of death in the U.S for young people ages between15-24 .(Michelle Castilo ,Bullied kids more likely to contemplate suicide)

*The CDC reports someone in the United States dies by suicide every 15 minutes.(proQuest Staff. "Suicide Timeline",October 2012)

*There are 4 male suicides for every female suicide But there are 3 female suicide attempts for each male attempt. (CDC, AAS). How to prevent suicide? *A suicidal person may not ask for help, but that doesn't mean that help isn't wanted. Most people who commit suicide don't want to die—they just want to stop hurting.
* start preventing suicide by simply not bullying others or stop the bullying around you!
* DON'T judge people!
*Offer help and support if possible.
*When someone talks about suicide take them seriously, and be aware.
*Therapy and medicines can help most people who have suicidal thoughts. Suicide Warning Signs *Talking about suicide
*Seeking out lethal means
*No hope for the future
*Saying goodbye
*Sudden sense of calm
*Withdrawing from others *Firearms are the most commonly used method of suicide among males.
*Poisoning is the most common method of suicide for females.(CDC,AAS)
*In a class of 25 students, at least five are likely to have seriously considered suicide,and at least two are likely to have tried to kill themselves.(Shaffer, D.Safe youth.) Suicide Statistics 2012 When Amanda was around 13, she got into online chatting, and started to meet new people on Facebook where she met a 32 year old man in B.C. She fell in love with him, then she made a foolish choice of sending a picture of her to him with her upper body naked. That's when her misery started. The man threatened her, made her do stuff that she didn't want. That Christmas, the RCMP knocked on her door, informing her about how pictures of her naked were posted all over the school. She was bullied everyday. She had moved to many different areas across Canada. The guy soon found the new school that she was attending and sent in the pictures again. She finally committed suicide October 10 2012, but it took her 3 tries before she finally succeeded. (Adrienna Chan,The Story of Amanda Todd,2012) Amanda Todd
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