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Group work and hands on activities

No description

Julie Callanan

on 5 November 2014

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Transcript of Group work and hands on activities

A work in progress...
Group work & hands on activities
EiE Engineering Design Process
Tip #1: Take time to break down the lesson/unit
Tip #2: Teach students how to work in groups
Tip #3:Help students with organization
Students need help with coming up with a plan, then executing and evaluating their plan
Give them checklists, give them specific materials, not just an endless supply
End Result
The ultimate goal
What is group work like for you?
How do we over come this?

Make manageable groups of 2-4 students
Don't be afraid to change groups if they are not working
We do this by making group work cooperative.
Just beacause a lesson/unit has been prepared for you, doesn't make it perfect.
Tweak lessons/units to make them work for you
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