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The Bicycle

No description

Katie Gaston

on 9 April 2014

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Transcript of The Bicycle

The Industrial Age
The Future
The Agricultural Age
The Digital Age
The Bicycle
How were things done?
-people traveled on foot or on their horses
The Function of the Bicycle
Contributing Inventors of the Bicycle
Kirkpatrick Macmillan
And so, after the invention of the bicycle pedals came...
"The Velocipede or Boneshaker"
Bike Models
BMX -used for racing on dirt tracks in a sport called bicycle motocross

- designed for trick riding

The Bicycle in Year 2114
eco-friendly materials
By Lalaine Alindogan, Zoey Li & Katie Gaston
small enough to put in luggage
carried around with little weight
carbon fiber material, lightweight but extremely strong
compact and high speed
pedal at ease
speed builds up as high as you desire
simple design
effecient, stable, yet a comfortable ride
Foldable and portable
carbon fiber material
pedal at ease
non-slip grip wheels,
bike won't fall over
bike wheels stay on ground so bike won't fall over
- f/b reflectors
- brakes/gears work
- warning horn/bell

- wear helmets (head injuries)
- riders mustt obey traffic laws
signal stopping/turning/slowing

- use transp., rec., excersise
- improves phyical fitness
- reduces air pollution (no oil consumption)
- affordable transportation
- creates jobs:

Junevile Bikes
Mountain Bikes
- designed for rough terrain
Road Bikes
- made for riding on the pavement
- good for recreational riding
- Touring bikes are able to carry belongings in racks and panniers
- mountain bike + road bike
- for cycling on/off the pavement
(good for riding to work/school)
Specialty Bikes
Tandem bikes
- seating for 2 cyclists
The Recumbent
- Allows rider to sit back
-travel was taken over by the bigger machines (such as carriages) invented before this smaller and more practical human-powered vehicle, later called the Bicycle
2 similar sized wheels, front and back
a seat (saddle) in between
"The Early Bicycle"
The earliest bicycle was made almost entirely out of wood!
"Baron Von Drais and the Walking Machine"
-wanted to invent something that would help him get around the royal gardens faster
-Was called “The Walking Machine”
-two identical-sized wheels, placed front and back
-the front wheel steerable
-made out of wood

-moved by pushing your feet against the ground, roll yourself and the vehicle forward as your feet seem to just be gliding
-Was later called the “Draisienne” or “hobby horse”
The first most popular idea of the bicycle came from Baron Von Drais in 1817
The “hobby horse” was a popular children’s toy in the 1790’s that inspired the idea of the first bicycle.
"The hobby horse"
Pierre Lallement
Pierre Michaux
1839; Was the first to design and invent
the first pedal-driven bicycle in Europe
1866; Originally filed the design the pedal-driven bicycle in the America
1868; Partnered up with the Olivier brothers after Pierre Lallement and their company was the first to sell the first few thousands of bicycles in America
The First Pedal-Driven Bicycle
1865; made out of wood then later with two metal tires, was extremely popular!
"The High Wheel Bicycle"
1870; the first all-metal bicycle but was declared a little dangerous because of the high seating position!
The High Wheel Tricycle
During the High Wheels, the ladies who wore long skirts settled for these!
And finally heading to....
of Today
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31 Mar. 2014.

Thanks for listening!
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