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Build your niche

No description

Salin Salijevic

on 19 August 2018

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Transcript of Build your niche

Welcome to Hypnosis to Success – a coaching program tailored for practicing hypnotherapists or coaches that use hypnosis as a resource.
Brad Greentree
Build your niche II
You should have complete the 12 posts from build your niche session I by now. You will need them done to make the most out of this module.
In this
we are going to cover:
What do with your tasking from build your niche I
Understand your ideal client
Simplifying your message
Communicating your product in a story
What do with your tasking from build your niche I
Have you completed them?
Email them to your subscribers
Schedule them on your website
Understand your ideal client
Do you know all about them?
Can you relate to their problem?
Your avatar, what’s their name?
Simplifying your message
Your 30sec elevator pitch
How to create curiosity
Have a clear call to action
Communicating your product in a story
What are your customer needs
What is their external problem
What is their internal problem
Your sympathetic statement to them, be a guide with authority
What is your plan to follow (3 steps)
What is your call to action
What is the end result if they follow the plan
What is result if they do not follow the plan
What’s next? Your action points
 Schedule each blog posts on your website to go live monthly, have the same week of the month on the same day.
 Work out your call to action that you can have in a conversation and be congruity about it.
 Have a conversation with your ideal client and test, if you understand them
 Download the questions to create your story of your product and practice it.
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