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Yellow-spotted lizards

No description

Gabriela :)

on 2 June 2013

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Transcript of Yellow-spotted lizards

Yellow-spotted Lizards research done by: Gaby Are Yellow-spotted lizards real? Location Size and Life span Appearance Food Yellow-spotted lizards Yes! Yellow-spotted lizards do exist but not the lizards from the book. In my research there are lizards known as Yellow-spotted tropical night lizards (Lepidophyma flavimaculatum). They live in wet tropical lands. Their bite isn't fatal or deadly though. There appearance and physical features are very different from the discription in the story. Kind of. These reptiles are usually found in Mexico, Central America or in Texas. They are seen in the shadows of humid areas. Like in a log. Yellow-spotted lizards are the largest of all tropical night lizards. Their length spreads to about 12.69 centimeters (5 inches).
The average life span of these reptiles is 10 to 15 years in the wild! Yellow-spotted tropical night lizards have somewhat similar features to the Yellow-spotted lizards in the book. The tropical night lizard is all black with small yellow spots. They have a small snake-like head and have black teeth and a white tongue. Yellow-spotted lizards eat crickets and other small insects. Even though yellow-spotted lizards do exist the yellow-spotted lizard in the book is fictional. Research done by, Gaby
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