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Blogger Orientation

Learn how to use YouthNoise

Youth Noise

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of Blogger Orientation

What is YouthNoise? overview text goes here How to Post a Blog WSIWYG editor vs. HTML Text formatting Writing engaging posts Legal Issues Rules of Play Plagiarism Media Copyrights Free Vids & Pics Release forms video uploads image and video uploads Community Participation The Blogosphere NoiseMakers Partners Resources Social Networks Blog Search Tools Traffic & SEO Feeds & Alerts Tagging posts 1. Write about current events.

2. Think local.

3. Let your personality shine through.

4. Use multimedia.

5. Encourage involvement. mission history website programs Metrics & The Point System Every week, you are in charge of filling out your Metrics. This is a tracking system to roughly guage how much work you are putting into YouthNoise. The "point" system is intended to reward you for going above and beyond typical text-based blogging. At YouthNoise, we love original interviews, videos, on-the-ground photo journalism, and other creative ways to take digital media to the next level. 1 Point 3 Points 6 Points 9 Points 12 Points 15 Points Etc. Points • 5 comments on YouthNoise*
• A post on Twitter, Facebook, or other Social Networking site linking back to YouthNoise
• Email or phone outreach to partners, friends, family, bloggers, or organizations to let them know about your post (limit of 6 points/week) • text-based blog post
• a high-quality guest post written by someone else and edited/posted by you on YouthNoise
• fill out metrics by Sunday*
• a re-post of your blog on another blog or website
• post event photo album on Flickr
THE FINE PRINT: This does not apply to spam blogs, bots, or blog harvesters. If your blog post is so compelling that other bloggers are picking up the story and reposting, then that's worth something. But if a robot is automatically reposting your post to improve SEO for a spam site, then it's no good. To earn credit for a re-post, the other site MUST link back to YouthNoise. • a guest post that you wrote, when it gets posted on another blog and links back to YouthNoise
• an email or phone-based interview conducted by you
• original reporting about a local event that you attended or a movie you watched (must include at least one photo)
FINE PRINT: A Guest Post is different than a re-post. A Guest Post is when you write a post specifically for another blog. Your guest post will ONLY be featured on that blog, and will not appear on YouthNoise.
original video (minimal editing) with text commentary featuring an event you attended
a guest post that you wrote, appearing on a high profile blog
original in-person interview, featuring photos (taken by you) or video (shot by you)
a re-post of one of your YouthNoise blog posts on a high-profile website
FINE PRINT: "High-profile website" means any blog or website with an Alexa ranking of less than 10,000. You can check this by entering the URL into the top search bar on Alexa.com, or installing the Firefox browser plugin. mini-documentary (3-8 mins)
intensive photo shoot w/blog post, covering a local event, significant time involved in travel, attendance, etc
video interview featuring 3 or more interviewees
FINE PRINT: This generally applies to events that you were specifically asked to attend by YouthNoise. Must also post event album on Flickr. Propose a project, such as a more extensive video project and photo documentary with travel, outreach, advanced editing, etc. Sometimes we have projects that crop up that do not fit into any of the existing point categories. These projects may include outreach, developing blog lists, research, curriculum development, tagging photos, or just about anything else that is not included in your normal blogging activities. to We generally award 1 point for every 45 minutes to an hour of work. We will let you know whenever these projects arise, and we will tell you how many points the alternative projects are worth. FINE PRINT: 15 point projects are often for full-day events hosted by YouthNoise partners. They usually include a combination of interviews, video AND photography. make a simple video about how to do this, using your capture device. WSIWYG (WUH-see-wig) stands for "What You See Is What You Get." Our blogging platform on YouthNoise consists of a WSIWYG editor, which takes your content and converts it into HTML code that web browsers can read. Here's a quick overview about how to use our WSIWYG bloggin platform and post blogs:
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