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Team 1 - GrassRoots

Final presentation GrassRoots

Andrew Huff

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of Team 1 - GrassRoots

Mission Team Bios Kyle T. Egbert
•Purdue Computer Science Junior
•Experience in Industry
Andrew R. Huff
•Purdue Computer Science Freshman
•Experience in Public Relations
Molly E. Longest
•Purdue Public Relations Freshman
•Experience Public Relations
•Experince in Design
Byron C. Young
•Purdue Management Sophomore
•Experience in Sales and Marketing
No cheap, quick and healthy food on campus

Differentiation from Competitors
1.Healthy great tasting food
2.Fast service
3.Affordable prices (for the
average college student) Not only will GrassRoots have cheap healthy food but unlike our competitors we will have a student following because of the “GrassRoots Culture”.
Unfair Advantage
•Seasonal Foods
•Loyal Customers
•Community Out Reach
•Chef Consultant
•Service Staff
Proposed Spending 1.Profitability after 2 years
2.Two locations 3 years
3.Franchise in 5 years
Milestones Our mission is to provide your average, busy college student with healthy, affordable meals in a sophisticated and soothing atmosphere which will set a new standard for the quick serve meal industry. Problem Solution
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