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The Research Process

Why students struggle, how librarians make things worse, and what we can do to make things better

Patricia McPherson

on 15 March 2012

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Transcript of The Research Process

Scholarly Research Why do students struggle so? How do librarians (sometimes) make things worse? What can we do to make things better? 18 to 29 years old
on track to become the nation's most educated generation
more racially and ethnically diverse than older generations
embrace mutiple modes of expression expect more choices and selectivity
want more personalization
expect instant gratification
are impatient also... What they should be doing? Following the ISP What is the ISP? Carol Kuhlthau's Information Search Process Six Tasks Initiation
Presentation Each Step Associated with..
feeelings (affective)
thoughts (cognitive)
actions (physical) Where do we come in?

Too early or too Late! When and where do students receive their library instruction? During the "One Shot" At the desk Why doesn't that work (as well as it could)? Students have not engaged in the preliminary research steps. Students haven't identified a research topic they can engage with for the semester. The result? A False Focus What Can We Do? Participate in the research process with them and provide them with the tools they need to develop a compelling topic Use your common ground as a stepping off point to search for more sophisticated resources. Foster communication between the librarian, the professor and the student. How do they conduct research? 73 percent of college students use the internet for research more than the campus library.

- Pew Internet and American Life Project - Search engines are the first-choice resource for most of their assignments. -Only four percent think the quality of information they find is not good enough for their assignments.

-OCLC White Paper on the Information Habits of College Students - Almost two-thirds of college students feel they know best what information to accept from the web. What are our students doing? "I Googled first to try to find the correct words to use because I wasn't sure what terms to plug into JSTOR or SOCIndex. "It (Google) is really easy to use - quick and efficient - I prefer to start there."

_ Jess, Stonehill class of 2011
Education/Psycholgy double major "We were told we weren't allowed to use Google. Did I use Google? Yes."

- Kathy, Stonehill class of 2013
Economics major Who are the Millenials and what do they want? A Research Question: How can we help our students move beyond Google and discover the challenges and rewards of scholarly research?
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