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on 22 November 2012

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Author: Doris Lessing
Presentation By: Belal 9A A Sunrise on the Veld Character Types In the story, the main character is the young boy.
The young boy is a dynamic character. The reason
why he is a dynamic character is because he changes
between the beginning and the end of the story. He has
a different point of view towards life by the end of the story. Theme The theme of the story called, " The Sunrise on the
Veld" is the everything must die and everything has its
own time to die and that when something dies, life moves
on. Another theme is death is a part of life. Plot Conflict: There is a 15 year old boy who thinks that he has control over everything in the world. So he goes for a walk in the morning, thinking that he has control over everything.
Climax: As the bot goes for his walk, he sees a buck being attacked by ants. The boy realizes that there is nothing that he can do in his power to stop it.
Resolution: The boy then realizes that there are some things on this world that he does not have control over. He also learns that everything has its time to die and there is nothing that we can do to stop that. Point of View The story is written in a third person limited point of view.
It is written in the authors point of view. Some evidence
to show that it is third person limited point of view is when the author says, " The boy stretched". It is limited
because the author only knows one of the characters feelings. Summary This story is about a young boy who believes that he has control over everything. He also goes through a expedition in a african bush. Even though he is only 15 years old, he mentally thinks that he is an adult. Although he figures out that he still has a a lot to learn after experiencing a buck being eaten alive by ants. He realizes that he has no control to help the buck. He then realized that every living thing in this world must die, and there are somethings in this world
that no living thing had control over. Protagonists/Antagonist Protagonist: The protagonist in the story
is the 15 year old boy. I think that
he is the protagonist because he is the
leading character in the story.
Antagonist: The antagonist in the story is
the group of ants that ate the buck alive.
They are the antagonist because they are
the characters that killed the buck. THE END THANKS FOR WATCHING Symbols One main symbol in the story
is the buck dying. This shows the
young boy that everybody has their own time to die and no human has the power to stop it. Literary Devices Some literary devices throughout the story:
Irony: Irony is used in the story because of how the ants had killed the buck, even though the buck is alot bigger.
Personification: " legs and fingers waiting like soldiers"
Simile: "he sprung out, like a fish leaping from water."
" He was alert and an animal"
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