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Locked In Time

Summer Reading Project

Usman Farooqi

on 15 September 2012

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Transcript of Locked In Time

Locked In Time took place current day in Shadow Grove, Louisiana. Where Nore Roberts step-mother lives, with her two children Gabe, and Josie. "It was a car that belonged, not here in Louisiana, but back in Guilderland, New York, where I had spent the first fifteen years of my life,"(pg. 5). "I was beginning to doze a little when my father said,"Here we are. This is the entrance to Shadow Grove."'(pg. 10). Eleanore Roberts is the protagonist of this story and a young teenager who is trying to get pass the reason why her dad remarried, not even a year after his first wife died. She becomes extremely suspicious when she notices something unusual with her new step-family. She is brave, strong, and independent when she has to deal with her new family. She makes a few immature moves on the way, but learns from her mistakes.Towards the end of the novel Nore is thankful for her youth and is much more mature. "Twenty-five years from now, if I'm lucky, people might call me "interesting looking." That's the best I can hope for, and it will be good enough,"(pg. 1). '"All right, Jo, I'll go with you. But just this once. I'm not going to make a habit of sneaking out like this."'(pg. 80). Lissette and Gabe are the antagonists in this novel because they didn't tell Chuck(Nore's father) and Nore that they were immortal beings who never age. Lissette also kept secret how many men she married and then killed later on. Gabe is also an antagonist because he attempted to drown Nore when he pushed her off the boat and later on suggested that he was hit and fell unconscious. This is true because in the book it says,"'Gabe almost drowned me!"'(pg.137) '"The kids had a little accident in Gabe's boat. Nore says they're both okay, but she fell in the river. She isn't a swimmer, so, of course, she got really scared,"'(pg.138). There are many conflicts that accure within the novel most being external, including the chapter where Gabe was trying to drown Nore. Also the part where Nore first meets her new family and notices how young her step-mother is. The main conflict would definitely be that Nore's step-mother is going to kill Nore and her dad once they find out that she and her children don't age. She has to save her father and herself before she is killed like every other family Lissette became part of. She attempts to kill Nore and Dave, the construction worker by threatening her with a gun and locking her, "Into the cabin, Nore," my stepmother ordered,"(pg. 232). "The entire corner of the storeroom was now rapidly misting with smoke, and my eyes were already beginning to smart from the fumes,"(pg. 235). An example of rising action in the novel is when Nore and Josie are talking about her getting older and being able to date, but then Josie says,"'Nothing's ever going to change, Nore! Time keeps going by, but doesn't count for anything!"(pg. 110). At that point, Nore wonders what she meant by that. Is Josie cursed to be thirteen her whole life? The climax of this novel is when Nore sneaks into the cabin in her backyard and discovers that Lissette and her children are under a curse that doesn't allow them to age. The women who put the curse on them told Lissette, '"What I can offer is the chance for you to remain the age you are."' (pg. 202). Now that Nore knows her secret, she and her father are in danger. An example of the falling action of the novel is when all the things Gabe and Josie said about being stuck with themselves and the point that Lissette looks so young is because they are immortal. To prove that, Lissette states in the book, "'You will never be able to make mature decisions. You will always be mentally and emotionally a boy,"'(pg. 230). That helps put together all the hints and clues throughout the book that tell the reader that these people don't age. The resolution of the novel is when Nore escapes the burning cabin, her father Chuck is on a business trip safe and sound, Gabe and Lissette get into a car accident and are killed, and Josie stays with Nore and her boyfriend Dave. There are many themes displayed in this novel such as: think before you act, think of others before yourself, and use your instincts. I believe that the main theme of this book is that time is gold. Take advantage of time because you won't get it back. Make the most out of everything, and use your time wisely, especially your youth. The
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