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benefits of using music in the classroom

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Aída Rodríguez

on 13 December 2013

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Transcript of benefits of using music in the classroom

Music in the classroom
Aída Rodríguez Martínez
Gardner-Webb University
Fulbright Midyear Conference
Washington DC, 12/13/2013

Have you ever used music in your classroom?

- helps to create a more relaxed environment
- covers the silence and help shy students
- increases the motivation
- time management
"I'm not good at maths, but I'm sooooo good at English"
Howard Gardner
It does not consider the intelligence as just one "unit", it is not a single capacity but different ones.
Aim of the presentation: provide you with ideas to apply to your classes to promote these intelligences through the use of music
Stephen Krashen
Affective filter
+ motivation
+ self-confidence
- anxiety
success in the second language
A very good way of sharing our...
It also provides a way of binding with your students -> Everybody likes music!
but...what can I do
pre-listening activities
while listening activities
post - listening activities

Give the students the title of the song and have them make hypothesis - what is it about?

Show the students a photo of the singer and band - what type of music do they play?

Pre-teaching vocabulary activities
Activities with pictures
After introducing the vocabulary, some pictures are displayed on the table. The students listen to the song and every time they hear one of the words that are on the table, they have to pick up the corresponding picture. The student who grabs more (correct) photos wins.
Before listening to the song, the teacher shares out different pictures to the students. While listening, they have to check each other's pictures and try to steal them from the others.
Physical response - movement

- Students are given cards with the text of the song.
- Students are given pictures that tell the story of the song.

- how will the characters be in 10, 20, 30 years?
- will they find love?
- will their relationship last?
Continue the story
Creative activities

- create a video of the song.
- act out the lyrics.
- create a "response song" using a different style of music.
- create a different point of view version (from the man's perspective, for example).
- change tenses
- change the tone/register/moment...
Games - add some competition
Discuss with your partner and share your experiences
Background music
Put in order
Hurricane - Bob Dylan
- Students have to stand up or sit down everytime they listen to a word.
- Students have to make a noise when they listen to a specific word.
- With pictures: students have to stand up and run to catch the pictures.
- musical intelligence
- linguistic intelligence
- visual intelligence
- kinesthetic intelligence
- intrapersonal intelligence
Technology problems
we cannot adapt the text of the songs
some of them are hard to understand
Always have a Plan B (Ipad, smart phone, USB, etc.)
But we could have the students adapting them!
there are no hard or easy songs; everything depends on what we do with them
- musical intelligence
- linguistic intelligence
- visual intelligence
- kinesthetic intelligence
- intrapersonal intelligence
Creative activities

- create a CD with songs chosen by the students - include pictures, songbook, biography...
- create a playlist of the class in Spotify or Pandora
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