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Teach like a Champion

Chapter 4 Engaging Student in your Lessons

Leopoldo Perea Cardenas

on 5 August 2016

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Transcript of Teach like a Champion

Foundation Cold Call Pepper Wait Time Everybody Writes Call and Response You ask a question and the WHOLE class calls out the answer in unison. Great teachers focus involvement in their classrooms. COLD CALL is deceptively simple: Ask questions to students regardless of whether they have raised their hands. Engaging Students in YOUR Lessons Taken from baseball warm-ups, it consists of fast-paced, group-oriented activities to review familiar information and foundational skills.

Great warm-up activity
Ask quick fundamental questions
It is a game Delaying a few strategic seconds after you finish a question and before you ask a student to begin answering it. Set your students up for rigorous engagement by giving the the opportunity to reflect FIRST in writing before discussing. Chapter 4 Engage students in not just the class, but in the WORK of class. Ensures that instead of ONE student answering each of your questions, ALL of your students answer all of your questions in their minds. Is PREDICTABLE
Is SCAFFOLDED Use group choral response to build a culture of energetic, positive engagement. Vegas Every lesson needs a little Processing thoughts in writing refines them A thirty second interlude when students reinforce not just academics but one day's learning objectives. Points to consider:
Production values
Like a faucet (Turn it On/Off)
Same objective as the lesson
A Chorus Line
On point Teach Like A Champion
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