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Syahirah Ali

on 17 May 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

ISSUE 5 ISSUE 2 ISSUE 4 CONCLUSION Decrease in revenue, increase
in cost of sales COMPARISON BETWEEN: Petronas THE MYSTERY OF
DISAPPEARING OIL Since Mat Jon is the dealer=manager of the petrol station, he need to fully monitor & manager the petrol station by himself. he may follow our recommendations as suggested above in order to increase his revenue & collection. Even so he want to sell off his business to Robert, he cannot sell directly. The HQ will find someone else to manage the business. MAIN ISSUE:
DROP IN SALES ISSUE 1 ISSUE 3 Causes: Staff & customer steal the
goods No system linking between the station & headquarter Recommendation: Petronas

- manually order by
the manager herself
- made order 2 time
from the min. order BHP Petrol

- expected loss
- the computer system directly linked to HQ Reduce in physical balance of unleaded petrol (RON95) Causes: Lack of monitoring & supervising when the fuel arrived Fuel smuggling Fuel leakage Evaporation Recommendation: Petronas

the manager herself will inspect at the time of lorry arrive & pump in the tank

minimum 2cm of water

daily checking

report to HQ BHP Petrol

check compartment indicator

check SN-tally with invoice

pump up fuel

check again the compartment indicator Bank overdraft & bank problem Causes:
Give over limit to the debtor Petronas Cash term (popular)

Sent debtor confirmation BHP Petrol Collect on time

Straight away meet the debtor Lack of monitoring & supervising Causes:
Cash shortage

Bad attitude of employees
towards customers Petronas PETRONAS BUKIT BARU 1 BHP PETROL KEMPAS BHP Petrol Cash drawer maximum RM500 per shift

Customer feedback

Dealer provide training to permanent employees

Visit and audit by Territory Manager (TM) THE MANAGER Selling off the petrol station Cash drawer maximum RM300 per shift

Additional CCTV


Visit and audit by Territoty Manager (TM) Causes:

Unstable business management

Suffered loss

Received offer to buy the
petrol station Based on headquarter
judgement BHP Petrol Report to HQ

Allowance + Salary

Submit financial report monthly to HQ

If the dealer decided to resign, deposit+compensation will be given We hope that by this, Mat Jon will learn from his mistakes and will improve his business regardless the increasing competitors because, nothing is impossible. THE END
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