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Con Matias

Luis Retamal

on 18 July 2013

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Transcript of Hitler

When and Where?
Adolf Hitler
His life
Born in Braunau am Inn, Upper Austria
In 1913 he went to Munich, changing from being Austrian to German
In 1914 he join the Bavarian army and fought the First World War
20 April 1889 – 30 April 1945
Path to dictator
Hitler joined a small political party called the German Workers Party. Two years later, he became the leader of the party. He renamed the party the National Socialist German Workers Party. It became known as the Nazi Party
Hitler was a very passionate man, that could convince Germany with his ideas and make them fight for the lands that they lose on the First World War, that why many people think is a great man and had a lot of followers.
On the other hand he abused of his power, he killed near of 4.000.000 of jews and he triggered the IIWW
Hitler, a loved and hated Man
In 1933, Hitler was elected into the German government. He made Germany a totalitarian Nazi state
Operation Valkyrie
Albrecht Mertz von Quirnheim
Wir mussen die juden ausrotten
Hans Oster
4,980 executed
7,000 arrested
3 officers
1 asisstant
20th July 1944
inside his Wolf's Lair field headquarters near Rastenburg, East Prussia
Hitler survived
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