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Ten Funny Facts - Barack Obama

These are ten facts you didn't know about our president Barack Obama.

Augie Johnston

on 15 October 2012

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Transcript of Ten Funny Facts - Barack Obama

10 Funny Facts You Didn't Know Barack Obama Obama once tickled his friend's
ears while he was riding a bike. His Friend Crashed
and Broke His Arm One of his favorite music
artists is Kanye West Obama's a thug So basically... His favorite are Conan the Barbarian and Spiderman He won a Grammy award for
the audio recording
of his book Dreams from My Father.
He ate dog meat, snake meat, and roasted grasshopper while living in Indonesia and also had a pet ape. Barack collects and
reads comic books... For almost 5 years he
thought Pokemon actually existed Yep, he ate dog... Yep, he had a pet monkey... Did you know that... He hates ice cream
because he used to
work at Baskin O' Robbins Who hates ice cream, seriously... As a teen he admits to trying cocaine and smoking weed. In 1996 he went to his brother in laws bachelor party and left when a stripper arrived. He promised Michelle he would quit smoking when he became president I don't believe that... He lied... Yes, I believe that :) Who hates ice cream? Please Like, Comment and Subscribe!

One of those facts was not true.
Which Once was it? But wait... A. Barack smokes cigarettes B. Barack believed Pokemon were real C. Barack used marijuana and cocaine
D. Barack won a Grammy Which Fact Is Not True?
Click your answer
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