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joseph jones

on 14 August 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

November 15, 1959
Herbert clutter and his family attend to their daily business in Holcomb, Kansas. On the other side of the state, Perry Smith and Dick Hickock meet up and head to Holcomb.
Truman Capote
September 30, 1924-August 25, 1985
Born in New Orleans, Louisiana
had troubled childhood, rittled with divorce, a long absence from his mother, and moving around the country all the time.
I'd reccomend this book to someone who loves details. The book was too detailed for me. It had descriptions of things that went on for forever it seemed. It was, however, an interesting story, and the fact that its a true story made it even more interesting.
"The village of Holcomb stands on the high wheat plains of western Kansas, a lonesome area that other Kansans call 'out there.' . . .The land is flat, the views are awesomely extensive; horses, herds of cattle, a white cluster of grain elevators rising as gracefully as Greek temples are visible long before a traveler reaches them."
Smith and Hickock Arrive with a shotgun and knife and kill the family.
The investigation causes suspicion in Holcomb, but the murderers have already fled to Mexico.
After they run out of money, the two convicts go back to Kansas to get some more cash. they go hide out in Miami.
Floyd Wells, a prisoner in the Kansas State Penitentiary, heard about the murders and knew the two felons had to be responsible.
After Wells confessed of his suspicions, it was nothing but a manhunt from then on.
The two were captured and sentenced to death. When their executions came, Perry was sorry for all the wrong he had done, and Hickock felt very oddly about the situation.
Mr. CLutter
mrs. clutter
Kenyon Clutter
Susan Clutter
I like that paragraph because it sounds like the way it is in Dooly County and the surrounding area.
"They shared a doom against which virtue was no defense."
"I didn't want to harm the man. I thought he was a very nice gentleman. Soft-spoken. I thought so right up to the moment I cut his throat."
"My acquaintances are many, my friends are few; those who really know me fewer still."
"Nothing is more usual than to feel that others have shared in our failures, just as it is an ordinary reaction to forget those who have shared in our achievements."
"I did make some advances towards the Clutter girl when I was there. But Perry never gave me a chance."
The quotes in the last slide seem to uncover the psycological state that the murderers were encountering during the story, and up to the time of death.
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