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Peer Editing

Introduction to peer-editing for Creative Writing. Spring 2011

Jane Nitschke

on 3 August 2012

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Transcript of Peer Editing

Who will edit my papers? Compliments Suggestions Corrections It is important to self-edit your papers but you can also get by with a little help from your friends. Peer-editing is the answer. A PEER is someone your own age. EDITOR: editing is when you read my paper and tell me the good things, the o.k. things (and maybe how I can improve them), and the things that need to be changed (mistakes, spelling, etc.). Most people don't like having their work read

The first rule is that you can't completely trash someone's paper!

Remember – the point of this is to help your classmate in their writing process. Your paper will be getting edited too... The final step in the peer editing is to make corrections.
How do you know what to look for? spelling mistakes missing punctuation run on sentences Three Steps Peer-Editing Making suggestions means giving the author some ideas about how to make his or her writing better.

Stay positive and be specific. Instead of “It didn’t make sense,” say “If you add more details after this sentence, it would be more clear.”

Instead of “your word choice was boring,” say “Instead of using the word good, maybe you can use the word “exceptional.” CAPITALIZATION! IS THE FIRST LETTER OF A SENTENCE CAPITALIZED? HOW ABOUT PROPER NOUNS? Homonyms...
They are a reel waist of thyme! Incorrect homonym use Enough funny stuff! Go edit something. He was a cereal killer
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