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Ashley Jean

on 4 February 2013

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Transcript of Capitalization

Proper Nouns Reminders: Bella slept on the couch.

Joey and I ate our ice cream outside. Capitalization Ashley Dellock
Andrea Evans My sister's favorite book is The Cat in the Hat. The Federal Bureau of Investigation
That was a federal offense.

The State Board of Education
Each state has its own board. Martha asked, “Would you please pass the salt?”

"I didn't see the movie," he said, "but I heard it was funny."

Although she enjoys many types of music, she stated that classic rock "certainly takes the cake" when it comes to her favorite genre. We celebrated the new year last month. Alyssa and Evan went to the movies.

The dog's name was Jake.
The president lives in the White House.
The family lived in a white house. We will visit Grandma today.
My grandma made us cookies for the trip. Chairperson Kelly will be at the meeting
Ms. Kelly, the chairperson of the company, will be at the meeting. Will you take her temperature, Doctor?
The doctor took her temperature. Dear Aunt Lisa,
My dear Aunt Lisa,
These are my favorite foods: pizza, sushi, and chocolate.

I finished reading my friend's first draft: it was great.

You can do several things this weekend: You can go fishing and hunting on the lake. You can even go camping while you are there. My birthday is in April.
Valentine's Day is this Thursday. We will vacation on Lake Michigan this summer.
We will vacation on a lake this summer. We like to read "New York Times" on Sundays. The Tigers are my favorite baseball team.
Out of all the animals at the zoo, the tigers were my favorite. We watched the Winter Olympics on television.
In the fall we have to rake leaves. My cousin lives in the North.
My cousin lives on the north side of town. He recently learned English. We will stop at Greek Town on our way to Canada.

He thinks that he saw it on Mulbery Street. Very truly yours, *Not: short prepositions, conjuctions, or articles (a, an, the, on, at, from, by, but, or, for, and, nor, etc.) Activities
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