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The Maze Runner

This is my finished Language Arts project for the book "The Maze Runner". This novel is by James Dashner. Hope you enjoy!

Elliott Boinais

on 11 December 2012

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Transcript of The Maze Runner

Novel by James Dashner
Presentation By Elliott Boinais The Maze Runner Setting Character 2 - Chuck Figurative Language The setting of "The Maze Runner" is in the Glade. The Glade is a community that is separated from the rest of the world by a giant Maze. The only way to get into the Maze is to go through an elevator that the Gladers cannot control. The people that live in the Glade call themselves the Gladers.The Glade is split up into four parts. The first part is the Gardens. This is where the Gladers grow their food. A lot of this food goes to the animals that they raise. The next part of the Glade is the Bloodhouse. The bloodhouse is where the Gladers raise and slaughter their animals for meat. The third part is the Homestead. The homestead is where the Gladers eat, sleep, cook, and go to the bathroom. It is also where their jail and their medical areas are. The fourth part of the Glade is the Deadheads. The Deadheads are a section of woods in a corner of the Glade. It is home to the Glader's graveyard. It is also where a lot of the Gladers choose to sit and rest. There is another location in the Glade called the map room. The map room is where the runners make and keep their maps of the maze. They compare the maps together to try to find a pattern in there as well. Character 1 - Thomas Thomas is the protagonist of the novel "The Maze Runner". From what we have read so far he is very dynamic. He is a male, 17 year old boy. Chuck is thirteen. He is short and a little chubby with brown hair that goes down past his ears and neck. He has blue eyes.
Chuck is perserverent, caring, friendly, and needy. An example of Chuck perservering is when Chuck keeps trying to be Thomas's friend, even when Thomas is being mean. An example of Chuck being caring is when he was worried for Thomas's health after Thomas got bitten by Ben. An example of Chuck being friendly is that when Thomas gets out of the box, Chuck is the only Glader who is nice to him. An example of Chuck being needy is when Chuck asks to come with Alby and Thomas in the tour, even though he actually has a job to do. S C This is what I imagine Chuck would look like. Brown hair, a little chubby, and an early teenager. This is what I imagine Thomas would look like. Brown eyes and hair, and a fairly tall face and long neck. I would imagine him to have a little more acne because he is 17. Thomas is very courageous and perserverant. We can see an example of perserverence when he is shown a griever and he still wants to become a Runner. Thomas is also very curious and hungry for answers. We can see an example of this when he keeps asking Minho, a runner, questions about what the Maze is like and how the runners map it. An example of Thomas's courage is when he steps out of the Glade at the last second to help Alby and Minho when they get trapped in the maze at night. Plot 1 - Rising Action
-Thomas in the box.
-Ben attacking Thomas.
-Ben is banished.
-The girl appearing from
the box.
-Thomas's night in the
-The Gathering for
Thomas. P C Character 3 - Alby Plot 3 - Falling Action Plot 2 - Climax C This is how I imagine Alby would look. 17 year old male, black hair, and with darker skin. Alby is a 17 year old male. He is described with dark brown hair and dark skin. Alby is the leader of the Gladers.

Alby is a main character. He is a antagonist. He could also be considered static.

Alby is strict and he is very tough. An example of Alby being strict is when he says "If anybody touches this girl, you're spending the night with the Grievers in the Maze. Banished, no questions." on page 59. An example of Alby being tough is when he is banishing Ben and he doesn't show any emotion while doing so. This is tough because he was sending a young man to his death. This happens on page 92-95. Another example of Alby being tough is when he tells Ben not to attack Thomas, and when Ben ignores him, he shoots him with an arrow through the cheek. This is tough for a teenager to do because teenagers aren't used to being in combat or violence like that. This happens on page 74. Character 4: Newt Character 5: Teresa C C P -Teresa wakes up.
-Thomas becomes a runner.
-The sun dissapears.
-The "Creators" stop sending supplies through the Box.
-The walls stop closing at night.
-The Grievers enter the Glade.
-Gladers escape and shut down the maze.
-Chuck dies.
-Gladers saved by mysterious people Teresa is a main character. She is a static protagonist.

Teresa is kind, caring, and smart. An example of Teresa being kind is when she says "I . . . It's all very confusing right now. [...] But I know you're my friend. This happens on page 234. Another example of Teresa being kind is when she Newt is the second in command of the glade. He used to be a runner before having his leg injured. Newt isn't the best leader, but he likes to help and tends to be stern but kind. An example of Newt being stern is on page when Alby is going through
the changing, Newt forms a gathering to discuss
Thomas's fate. " Newt is a main character. He is a dynamic protagonist. Newt is a tall, caucasian, 16 year old male. The book doesn't tell us what color hair or eyes Newt has, but I think he would be blonde, with brown eyes. This is Teresa
standing in the
Maze. This is what I imagined
Newt to look like. -Bus ride to the Glader's rooms.
-Thomas and Teresa holding hands.
-Thomas and Teresa converse in each other's minds telepathically.
-Thomas and Teresa go to sleep. Conflict -Alby is a jerk to Thomas. (Man VS Man)
-Gally hates Thomas. (Man VS Man)
-Teresa is in a coma. (Man VS Self)
-Thomas wants to be a runner but can't yet. (Man VS Society)
-Thomas goes into the Maze at night. (Man VS Nature)
-Thomas becomes an outcast for being one of the first Glader to survive in the Maze at night. (Man VS Society)
-Sun dissapears. (Man VS Nature)
-No supplies from Creators. (Man VS Fate)
-Doors don't close. (Man VS Nature)
-Gladers want to leave the Glade. (Man VS Man)
-Gally kills Chuck. (Man VS Man) C Theme and Resolution I think the theme of The Maze Runner is survival. The reason I think that The Maze Runner's theme is survival is because the Glader's whole society is built on trying to survive. A quote that supports the theme of survival is "Minho nodded and faced the crowd. 'Be carefu,' he said dryly. 'Don't dye.'" on page 328.

The resolution of "The Maze Runner" is that Thomas and the rest of the Gladers are rescued from Wicked. T R R T This is a Griever. They are very important to the plot because they are one of the main source of problems to the Gladers. This is a map of the Glade. Rising Action is the part of the plot that tells is leading up to the climax. It often gets more and more intense or interesting until the climax happens. Climax is the main part of the story. It is usually full of action or important information. Falling action takes place after the climax. Falling action is there to help reach the resolution of the story. Alliteration:
A) Alice's aunt ate apples and acorns around August.
A) He didn't know what was in store for him. But he will soon find out the truth. He felt a
cold chill as he walked through the dark alley.
B) We dont want to break any laws at this stage of the game do we.
A) [...] Ben's last moments, phsychotically thrashing and spitting and screaming, he [...] (P. 96)
B) [...] The voices were odd. tinged with echo; some of the words were completely foreign-others
felt familiar. (P. 3)
C) [...] then suddenly grabbed his own throat, making gurlgy choking sounds. His legs kicked out as
he rolled onto his side, thrashing back and forth as if someone else was trying to strangle him.
(P. 172)
D) He crawled to the edge of the cliff once more, stuck his head over again to get a better look now
that dawn was in full force. The open sky in front of him was a deep purple, slowly fading into the
bright blue of day, with tinges of brown or orange from the sun on the distant horison. (P. 139)
A) “They finally made it to a rectangular cut in a long wall to the north that looked like a doorway
without a door” (P. 210)
A) "[...] with eyes the blue
of pure flame." (P. 233)
A) The stars danced playfully in the moonlit sky.
B) He did not realize that his last chance was walking out the door.
A) Boom
B) Pow
C) Bam
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