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Society's Effect on Human Behaviour


Jacinthe Chong

on 2 June 2011

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Transcript of Society's Effect on Human Behaviour

Conformity is desirable in society Is conformity socially desirable? The unconscious action of changing the way you act or think to match those that are perceived as "normal" by society or the majority Culture & Religion Asch Experiment Breaching Experiment Bystander Effect Cognitive Dissonance Is human behaviour solely determined by society? Society's Effect on Human Behaviour Social Pressures peer pressure
social norms
roles Prejudice & Discrimination assumptions
sexual orientation
class religious/cultural ideals formed by authority
conform with group to prevent going against culture/religion Knowledge Issues A B C What happens to individuals that do not conform? Ways of Knowing Perception Reason Emotion Areas of Knowledge Ethics/Morals Social Science may cause conformity
fear of how others perceive them as individuals
when in majority, affects the way we see others determine whether society is right or wrong
society determines how we think and reason fear of isolation from society/majority
feeling of security from conforming conformity may not be ethically/morally just to an individual
judging between the socially accepted norm and your personal morals studying behaviour of human interaction
society's effect on us and how we act and think Going Against the Norm Walking on the wrong side of the road Facing the back of the elevator Picking your nose in public Getting on subway before people exit Being obnoxiously LOUD Pros Cons allows sense of security and belonging
following group discourages immoral behaviour in society
fear of isolation keeps society organized
provides jobs for security increases fear of anti-conformists
loses sense of individuality
prevents chances of new ideas being share or created
tensions between two conflicting parties Our Perspective social conformity is needed to maintain stability and peace
reduces amount of crimes
followers have sense of security and belonging
individuals are part of society and have ability to determine social norms
conformity is not forced on individuals, it's a choice Counter Argument experiments show that people conform even when they know it is not right
criminals are examples of anti-conformists but also are product of society
loss of individuality and creative thinking
greater knowledge from thinking outside the box (paradigm shift)
since childhood, brought up to follow social norms (conditioned) Conformity prevents society from advancing Rebuttal conformity is basically a set of suggestions on how to live as a person
some "creative" thinking may harm society more than benefiting it
social norms do encourage new ideas
idea of right and wrong differs between people, conforming centralizes these ideas
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