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Canada vs Germany

No description

Michaela Awad

on 18 January 2017

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Transcript of Canada vs Germany

why would people live in germany?
People may want to live in Germany because it is the 6th most developed country in the world. it has the lowest youth unemployment rates in the world, and excellent workers rights. if the company has to lay you off, you are payed a months payment for every year you have worked there. there is also very sanitary and functional public transporation. Germany also has the largest natural economy in Europe.
Canada vs Germany
-open concept houses
-sparse population density
-currency is canadian dollar
- Constitutional monarchy government

-smaller cars
-vending machines for cigarettes
-very dense population density
-currency is euro
-federal republic government

both germany and canada have very high economy
Is Germany Developed?
Germany is a developed country. It has the largest economy in the European union, one of the largest populations, GDP is 3.5 trillion, low poverty rates ,and is the 6th most developed country in the world.
History of Germany
-The German Empire was unified in 1871 by chancellor otto von bismack
-During the world wars, germany was ruled by Adolf Hitler and unemployment soared. Many felt unsafe, until the war was over.

Population density
very dense populations

sparse populationo
Intresting Facts
Rouladen (Meat dish containing bacon,onions,mustard,pickles, wrapped in beef)
Brezel(baked pretzel)

- Christianity

-Tag der detschen einheit ( Day of the German, october 3rd)
-Aller hiligen (all saints, november 1st)

coal,iron,copper,nickel,lignite,natural gas
Canada vs Germany
michaela rachel logan
population- 82 175 700
land mass area-135 236 km squared
birth rate-8.8
mortality rate- 10.7
fertility rate- 1.47
literacy rate-99%
life expectancy- 81 years
Anne Frank
Heidi Klum
Das Deuutschlandleid
It would be very feasible for Germany to build a sustainable community for these reasons
- most energy efficiant country in the world
- solar, wind and biogas are more commonly used then coal
- very common to not own a car due to excellent public transport (less polution)
- costs are covered because of germanys incredibly high economy
population: 35.16 million
Land Mass Area: 9.8 million km squared
Birth Rate: 10.3
Mortality Rate: 8.5
fertility rate: 1.6
literacy rate; 99%
Life Expectancy: 81 years
Map Of Germany
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