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Leadership skills of Hernan Cortes

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Reanna Janewski

on 28 February 2012

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Transcript of Leadership skills of Hernan Cortes

Number One: Bravery. The first leadership skill of Hernán Cortés is that he was very brave. Although the Aztecs started off as a small nomatic tribe, when Hernán Cortés and his men planned to take them down, they were a force to be recconed with. It took a great deal of bravery for Cortés to follow through with his plans when he only had three hundred men fighting against thousands of Aztecs. His bravery kept his men going. they looked up to him for leadership and bravery. Without a strong brave leader, his men would not have made it. Leadership skills of Hernán Cortés Number two: Forethought in planning. The second leadership skill of Hernán Cortés is that he had strong planning skills. Hernán Cortés had a plan before he even started his quest to conquor the Aztecs. He formed alliances with the Aztec enimies, he learned the Aztec language, he came up with a clear plan as to how he was going to take down the empire with only 300 men. Without plans, Hernán and his men would not have been able to destroy the Aztec empire. Number Three: Communication. The third leadership skill is that Hernán Cortés had very good commincation skills. Hernán made sure his men new the plan, and what was going on. He made sure he communicated with the allies that he made in his crusade to defeat the Aztecs. without clear communication skills, Hernán Cortés would not have reached his goal the take over the Aztecs. Number four: Goal oriented. The fourth leadership skill of Hernán Cortés is that he was goal oriented. He did not give up on his goal to destroy the Aztecs. Even when he found out that his men were planning on leaving in the boats, in the middle of the night when every one was asleep, Hernán destroyed all of the boats so that they new that what they started they must finish no matter what happens. Although there was small chance that they could take over the Aztec empire, he still made sure they went through with it. By: Reanna Janewski Thank you for watching my Prezi!
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