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Avid class 4-26

No description

Aaron Young

on 10 May 2010

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Transcript of Avid class 4-26

Aarons Hobbies things i enjoy doing in my spare time Dirtbiking video games bmx watching movies football basketball reading fishing camping swimming listening to music hanging out with my freinds hunting going paintballing i like dirtbike becuase of the challenging turrane i have to overcome every turn i take i enjoy playing video games becuase its entertaining to me i like to bmx becuase i feel accomplished when i learn a new trick i like watching movies becuase they are interesting and entertainment i love playing football becuase its so aggressive i like playing basketball becuase its a team sport and its challenging i enjoy reading becuase its relaxing and enteresting. i love fishing because its exiteing,awsome, and fun when you start catching fish i like camping becuase i get to spend time in the great outdoors i love swimming during the summer becuase it cools you of and feels wonderful i like listening to music becuase its entertaining i love to hang out with my friends becuase i have alot of fun with them i like hunting becuase its interesting and you have to be patient i love to go paintballing becuase its fun,exiting,kool, and awsome. Thats My Prezi
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