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EDTL 2300 - iPads

No description

Molly Conroy

on 13 November 2012

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Transcript of EDTL 2300 - iPads

iPads in the Classroom Molly Conroy, Kevin Knapke,
Liz Remley, Rachel Wiemken Open the Following Apps! Experiments Results Conclusion Application Objective: gauge students expectations of tablets in the classroom, how they felt using them in the classroom, and how the tablets influence the environment in the classroom Experiment 2 Please Log in to your Email on the iPad and open the Prezi link we sent you. Note: You will need to work with a partner today Exploring the Potential of the Homework System and Tablet PCs to Support Continuity of Numeracy Practices between Home and Primary School Objective: To blur boundaries between school work and homework, give parents resources like learning objectives and student history, engage students in learning process

29 students ages 5-6

Tablet PCs in class and at home Less Than a Class Set Please Log in to your Email on the iPad and open the Prezi we sent you Note: You will need to work with a partner today! Teaching and Learning with Ipads Ready or Not Students thought teachers would use technology tools such as presentations Parents were interviewed before and after experiment: "Students operated more independently" "parents could offer more assistance due to better understanding of purpose/content of homework. "made coursework more relatable" "students wanted to spend more time on optional assignments." Students were not expecting to use this type of technology in the classroom, but were glad they did have it to use. They said it helped enhance their learning and they enjoyed using it. Most apps available on the Ipad would save teachers supplies and money

Found that many apps can increase a student's ability to learn and also increase student engagement

Ipads provide students with learning that could not be gained without its use. tablets allowed for consistancy between class and home, more exciting lessons, and better communication between teachers and parents
--> better understanding of material, connections to real world, more parental involvement/encouragement Objective - To figure out different ways that iPads can be effective in the classroom when there are less than a class set. 17 prospective elementary teachers 4-5 iPads Found there was effective ways to use the iPads for differentiated instruction. Most effective ways.... -Incorporating centers
-allowing students to work in duos and trios In conclusion it was found that even a few iPads can help students learn if the school district can not afford classroom sets with today's economy. The Ipad is very capable of increasing learning, if used properly. The multi-touch sensors, Wi-Fi Internet connection, and Bluetooth capability, proved just how much the Ipad has to offer The many apps that the Ipad has would replace many costly supplies. Purpose: to discover the impact that the Ipad and its applications have on teaching and learning certain material and whether or not the same material can be gained without the use of the Ipad Analyzed the Ipad programs used in K-12 classrooms Experiment 1 Students pulled from 2 sections of psychology and statistics classes Students to filled out a survey regarding their expectations to using tablets in the classroom based off previous usage of tablets in other classes and disregarding anything they have heard from other people Students asked to fill out part two of the survey This survey was given in the last two weeks of classes Questions revolved around how technology is useful in the classroom Students were not expecting to use iPads in the classroom Students really liked the technology they used Students found the technology they used very helpful Experiment 1 Experiment 2 -Tap Quiz Maps
-Spelling Hero -Scramble English -Exambust Us. History USA Citizen Social studies General
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