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So You Want to Be a Blogger

No description

Laura Brack

on 17 August 2015

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Transcript of So You Want to Be a Blogger

So You Want to Be a Blogger
Getting Started
What will your blog be?
Marketing Your Blog
Maintain the Momentum
Popular Blogging Platforms
What do you want to write about?
What are you passionate about?
Who is your audience?
What do you want to tell your audience?
What are other people blogging about?
Pick a topic or niche
Pick a name for your blog
What describes your blog?
What is memorable, catchy, or unique?
What are similar blogs called?
What are keywords your audience searches for?
What does it look like on screen?
What does it sound like aloud?
Pick a platform
Are you willing to pay?
How much flexibility do you want?
Do you want to be able to customize your blog?
Do you want to host, install, and configure on your own?
Do you want to rely on a hosting service?
Establish your blog
Share your blog
Take advantage of what's popular
Do some digging
Write good content
Use good grammar and punctuation
Write what you know
Be original and interesting
Use good images, videos, and other sources
Let your readers get to know you
Create some good first posts
Always respond to comments and questions
Consider creating a Facebook fan page
Start an email list or RSS feed
Create an about page and use your sidebars
Tell your friends and family and ask for support
Consider creating social network accounts for your blog
Share your content on your personal social networks
Ask your family and friends to share your content
Tell people in-person
*Don't be annoying*
Use popular hashtags when sharing content
Google "trending" or check Twitter, Buzzfeed, Yahoo
Talk about current events and what's popular
Consider being a devil's advocate, go against the grain
Search for similar content creators, consumers
Join Facebook groups, subreddits, message boards
Follow other bloggers and interact with them
Search for "[your topic] blogging groups"
Do something your readers will find memorable
Set and accomplish blogging goals
Write ## posts per week
Increase email/RSS subscribers by ## each month
Update Facebook/Twitter fan pages ## times each week
Comment on other blogs ## times per week
Spend ## hours each week marketing, sharing content, networking
Link to ## other blogs each week
Create a series of posts or "top ten" list
Run a contest and offer a prize
Flatter your readers
Guest post on other blogs, include guest posts on your blog
Write about something controversial
Refer to or link back to your existing content
Connect With Me
Laura Anderson Brack, Innovative Technology Manager
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