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Tesco PMO HR Strategy 21st Sept

No description

Elise Watson

on 25 September 2014

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Transcript of Tesco PMO HR Strategy 21st Sept

Human Resources Strategy

Getting to know us
We sit within the Information Technology Group, which is headquartered in Welwyn Garden City UK, with virtual teams of project professionals spanning the globe.

Our mandate is to
deliver a program of work to implement new systems or improve existing systems to help deliver the Tesco strategy

Information technology is integral to Tesco's business operations and with the need to deliver technological change ever faster and efficiently it is evident that we play a critical role in the success of company. You could say
we are an organizational strategy for delivering strategy!
By 2017 we want to be a
recognized leader
in project management amongst our clients and peers, with a reputation for
delivering successful outcomes
. We intend to achieve this through:

Project management
, reducing inefficiencies within the next three years
1. To have the right people working on the right projects at the right time
3. Team performance, improving project success rate
Human Resources

Recognition we have internal issues to address
All these challenges have led to...
Creating a need to re-strategize and capitalize on our greatest asset:
and some high profile failures...
The world we live in today
4. Value our people, motivate our people
2. Increase EQ, Mentoring and Development
Our HR strategies, based on Tesco's core values
Supporting the individual's
journey of change
Weaving changes into cultural fabric
How will we know when we
have got there?
Make it STICK
Where to from here
1. Endorsement of the PMO vision and the
four supporting human resources strategies

2. Approval to proceed with project costing

3. Presentation of the implementation plan
with detailed roll-out and time phasing
We place significant importance on our people to
build our team
so that we create more value. We will do this by:

1. Having the right people working on the right projects at
the right time

2. Focus on actively increasing the emotional intelligence of
our people, whilst supporting them with the best
mentoring and development

3. Promoting teamwork and adaptability to improve performance and our project success rate

4. Giving and receiving recognition, so that we remain
motivated and passionate about results
Become a Level 5 PMO !
Whilst the majority of the proposed changes are positive, some resistance is expected. To manage it the following change management activities will be undertaken.
Part 1. The Case for Change
Part 2. Human resources strategies
Part 3. Implementation pathway
Part 4. Supporting our people
Part 5. Embedding the change
Part 6. Critical success factors
Part 7. Next steps
The Case for Change

Credit Crunch +
Increasing Competition
= Reduced Profits
Human Resources Strategies

Implementation Pathway

Shift focus to our
permanent committed employees
, rather than temporary contractors, and introduce a reward system that encourages preference for full time employment.
quarterly planning meeting
s with full time staff to review project schedules, and allow for training and holiday periods
emotional intelligence
testing to our recruitment process and continue with mandatory training and development plans for all staff
Introduce a
mentoring program
and set-up a buddy system for all new staff
Arrange regular guest speakers from
other business units
to speak to the team on their functions and technology needs .
Introduce Call A Friend Service, that bypasses hierarchy to encourage reaching out, utilizing others' experience, and increase motivation through accomplishment and resourcefulness. This is to increase specific competencies in non-judgemental format.
Introduce a reward and recognition program that is tailored to the individual who helps create it.
Supporting our People through change

Critical Success

Next Steps

Embedding the Change

The Contextual Drivers
6. Focus On Rewards and Motivation
Our reward systems earn us a place on the
Forbes 'Best Places to Work'
List in 2017
5. Increasing Client Satisfaction
We will obtain increased client satisfaction and higher rate of
repeat business
in projects of large scale and complexity.
4. Striking the right retention balance
Our staff retention will have
increased to 94%
and absenteeism rates reduced by 20%
3. Greater Satisfaction
Our stakeholders and project teammates will report
greater satisfaction
with the way we run project and deliver change in their yearly performance reviews.
1. Gain level 5 PMO Accreditation
Our team will gain recognition as a level 5 PMO with the PMI.
2. Project Success
The overall project success rate will increase by 15%, with the average project timescale reducing by 3 months and cost decreased by 6%.
1. Regular and frequent communication on vision, benefits, upcoming changes and progress
2.Workshops, surveys etc to enable staff to contribute and provide feedback
3. Comprehensive training program, including ability to take refresher courses
4. Use of champions for particular changes
5. Introduction of "coffee" teams that meet on a regular basis to talk about impact of change
HR to distribute monthly e-newsletter within Tesco to bring awareness and reinforcement on change.
HR to send out mandatory email surveys after each workshop to help these newly introduced programs move forward in a positive direction.
The coffee team should consist 1 senior management who introduced the new program and a member from each department/ function to talk about the impact of change. Every staff member gets a turn to talk about the impact they encountered.
Recruit an
EQ Competency Audit
manager to assess individuals and encourage personal accountability
Training to emphasize that
stakeholder satisfaction is a primary objective
in project success, in addition to meeting time, cost and quality objectives.
Getting to know us..
Motivating the team to be passionate about what we do
Building a team that is the "best of the best" through a comprehensive
mentoring and development program
Having the
right people
working on the right projects at the right time
Focusing on critical success factors to continually improve our project
success rates.
Lasting Change
Enlisting people who has Lean or Agile experience to implement the changes.
Our training program will be designed so that it is:
Tailored for the individual

Change Manager will invite outside speakers to workshops and use stories and analogies to help people at all level to understand the changes, difficulties and consequences of change in order to change behaviours & Tesco's culture.
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