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ACCA F4 ENG and F4 GLO - Student Experience and Feature Showcase

Showcase for Student Experience and Features

prezi ACCA

on 4 August 2014

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Transcript of ACCA F4 ENG and F4 GLO - Student Experience and Feature Showcase

Purpose of this Showcase...
ACCA has introduced additional features to improve the Computer Based Exam (CBE) experience for students
What's changing?
This showcase will familiarise you with the revised exam screens before the release of the F4 Corporate and Business Law English and Global computer based exams
The Student CBE Experience
New features to improve the student experience
What will students see?
A simple and intuitive way to progress through the exam
Getting Started
Logging In
System verifies student details in order to proceed
Getting Started
Confirmation of Details
Getting Started
Exam Summary
System displays details of the selected exam
Exam name
Pass mark
Time available
Getting Started
Student Instructions
Explains the main features of the exam software
Describes the following

Answering questions
Exam progress
Other exam features
Exiting the exam
Getting Started
Start Exam
Student starts the exam when instructed to do so
Student Experience and Feature Showcase
New Exam Features
Exam Features
Question Header
Exam Features
Question Flagging
Exam Features
Onscreen Help Function
Exam Features
Answer Validation
Exam Features
Exam Progress
Exam Features
Exam Progress Details Panel
The following information is displayed at all times:
Onscreen Help is available at any point during exam
A message will be displayed when the student clicks to move away from a question which has been partially attempted. Student can choose to stay on the question and review their answer(s) or continue.
The Exam Progress Bar shows how much of the exam has been attempted
Button launches the Exam Progress Details Panel which provides a more detailed overview of exam progress
This shows all questions within the exam as numbered icons
This panel also shows which questions have been flagged for review
You can select questions you wish to revisit directly from this panel by clicking on the relevant numbered icon
Icons are colour coded to simply and clearly show which questions are complete or incomplete (where incomplete means either not answered or partially attempted)
Next Steps
Links to Specimen Exams in new format
Next Steps?
Student enters ACCA Registration number and Date of Birth
ACCA F4 English and F4 Global Exams
Exam Features
Move seamlessly backwards and forwards through the exam using the onscreen navigation buttons
Exam Features
Exam Results
The student will be asked to print two copies of their provisional result notification
if the allocated time for the exam has expired (student will previously have been presented with a 15 minute time remaining message)
* The following screens represent concept screens provided for information purposes only and are subject to minor change within the final product
When reviewing answer(s) for partially attempted questions the student must ensure that they read any helpful message displayed in red text below the question or question part
Exam Features
Exit Exam
If there are any incomplete or flagged questions this will be confirmed on the exit screen for reference
If the student wishes to exit the exam at any time they can click the Exit button in the top right hand corner
The student must only click the Yes button if they want to leave the exam process
Exam Features
Question Controls (MTQs Only)
Section B contains MTQs only
When first viewed the full question is displayed
The question progress bar is displayed in Section B for MTQs
Once a student exits the exam they cannot re-enter
MTQs contain a series of tasks for the student to complete which relate to one or more scenarios
When the Help button is clicked it displays the exam instructions as shown prior to starting the exam
Exam Progress Details Panel can be closed at any time by clicking the button
Computer Based Exams (CBEs)
Student checks that their personal details are correct
Student selects their exam from a list of exams made available to them
Student agrees to ACCA's exam regulations
Instructions listed over 3 pages
Total marks available for question
Question number
Time remaining
Exam name
Student registration number
Section name
Click the Flag button as a reminder that you wish to revisit or review the question later in the exam
Click the Remove Flag button if you no longer wish to revisit or review the question
If the student clicks No they can return to the exam
One copy for the centre to retain
One copy for the student
We hope that you found this information useful
We recommend that you visit the following related Showcases
Foundations in Accountancy Diploma Level - Exam Format and Question Types
ACCA Qualfication F4 English and F4 Global - Exam Format and Question Types
Collapsing or expanding all question components
Collapsing or expanding individual question components
Students can control the display of question content by:
The bar shows how much of the question has been attempted
The button will change to indicate the question has been flagged
Exam Features
Onscreen References Function
Onscreen References are available at any point during exam
References are only relevant for F2/FMA exam
When the References button is clicked the student can choose the reference they wish to view
Available references are:
Formulae Sheet
Annuity Table
Present Value Table
The provisional exam results screen will display:
if the student has confirmed that they wish to exit the exam
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