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Why are we called 33 Talent?

A question we often get asked - so here's our answer!

33 Talent

on 25 September 2013

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Transcript of Why are we called 33 Talent?

Why are we called
Rob Fanshawe launched 33 Talent Australia in Oct 2011
The Talent part of
our name
should be
3s runs through our business and
once we looked, we couldn’t stop
seeing them.
Who are we?
We focus on engaging with the top Talent in each of our specialist and geographical regions, and engaging with passive talent that employers might not usually have access to.
...but why 33?
3 Founding Principles
The Singapore office opened
just under a year later in
July 2012,
led by Kathryn Woof
The Blue Globe and Chinese symbol for 3 ties in both our CSR values and our West to East strength of experience.
We focus on engaging with the top 33% of Talent in each of our specialist and geographical regions.
We focus on engaging with the top 33% of Employment Brands in each of our specialist and geographical regions.
3 is a lucky number in Chinese culture.
It is linked with the sanctity of life and
upward mobility, all of which tie in to
what we do and our values:
The New Singapore Office
Our Values
Social Responsibility and providing a sustainable
future for our planet and local communities. It’s the beating heart of our business and all we do.
Our logo incorporates
the Chinese character
for 3: "San"
33 Talent is a talent acquisition & management services firm specialising in Big Data, Digital and Communications. We provide recruitment, executive search and managed talent consulting services.
Contact Us

+0280 033 186

+65 9183 2841

Founded in 2010 by Francis Coady, 33 Capital is an M&A, Strategy and Private Equity firm. As 33 Talent’s parent company, 33 Capital allows 33 Talent to offer a comprehensive consulting service across the Human Capital spectrum - from Talent Management to Commercial Development.
Our Parent Company
33 Talent is about the power of ‘we’. It is about
being a collective force to achieve excellence
both internally and for our clients and talent alike.
Always asking ourselves, “How can I give
value in this situation?” Give value to people, help them and do it first. They will often want to help you back.
This is consideration, ideation, and innovation. This keeps us real but ahead of the competition
We would crawl through it to deliver what we know we have to in order to achieve excellence, every time to everyone. This is effort, hard work, quality, determination, and loyalty. Be & deliver the best you can, always.
It is the best medicine. We will be able to laugh at ourselves and laugh together.
Everyone needs to enjoy the “glory of the ride”
No planet, No people, No point
No ‘I’ in Talent
Pay it forward
Broken Glass
Social Responsibility
At least 33% of all our costs will spent on CSR relevant suppliers.
Our staff commit time to a community project once a quarter
We Place, we Plant. For every placement made through us, we will plant 4 new trees on this earth. You grow, the environment benefits*.
Sydney Office
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