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The Fall of the Aztec Empire

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on 9 September 2014

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Transcript of The Fall of the Aztec Empire

The Fall of the Aztec Empire
By: Andrew Kuban
History; Period 6

Hernando (Hernán) Cortés
Born: 1485 Medellín, Spain

Nationality: Spanish (Duh)

Died: 2 December 1547
Montezuma II
Born: Sometime in 1466

Occupation: Emperor of the Aztecs

Death: During a battle in 1520. Actual cause of death is unknown.

What caused the fall of the Aztecs??
The are multiple things that caused the fall of the Aztecs.
Where did this happen??
Cortes had originally landed in Veracruz, and made his way to Tenochtitlan, killing other natives on the way there.
Gold- The main reason he conquered the Aztecs was to take their gold.
Glory- To become famous, and to get his country more land.
God- The Spanish wanted to spread Catholicism.
What happened??
Year: 1518
Cortes sets an expedition for what is now modern day Mexico, but Diego Velasquez had told him that he couldn't go.
He took 11 ships and approximately 500 men. Landed in Veracruz in 1519.
Year: 1519
Cortes arrives at Tenochtitlan on good terms. The Aztecs believe that he is their god, and give him whatever.
Attempts to take control.
Year: 1520
Cortes loots the city, but then leaves when he learns that the Spanish came after him, for leaving when he was told not to.
Montezuma II is killed in a battle with the Spanish.
His relative, Cuitlahuac takes the throne after his death.

Year: 1521
Cortes comes back.
The Spanish have been pushed out of Tenochtitlan.
Cortes retakes the city.
The Aztecs surrender to Cortes.
Renamed New Spain
Cortes is the Governor.
The Fall of the Aztec Empire was a result of many things. The main causes would be mixture of the tactics in the final siege that, in combination with his native allies and Smallpox.

The Aztecs and their thirst for blood, kinda started the hatred between the other neighboring groups who ended up helping the Spanish. This also gave the Europeans an excuse to kill off an evil culture.
They believed their god Quetzalcoatl would return. They had believed Cortes to be their god. They gave him everything he asked for, including their gold.
The Spanish had brought Smallpox over to the Americas. This had ended up killing a lot of the population, making them easier to conquer.
The Spanish had many technological advantages. They had armor, swords, crossbows, and an early form of gun called harquebuses.
The Aztecs played by different rules when it me to war. The Spanish had some clever tactics, and the Aztecs had started to understand them, which would've helped them, but Cortes was very clever, and ended up defeating them.
He came from a lower noble family, and had also gone to the University of Salamanca.
In 1504, he left to go to the new world to go look for wealth. He ended up going to Santo Domingo. He was a notary for a little while in the town of Azua. But in 1511, he joined an expedition to Cuba led by Diego Velazquez. He later became the mayor of Santiago do Cuba.
Montezuma succeeded his uncle Ahuitzotl in 1502.
He was emperor from 1502-1520
There is evidence that Moctezuma II was actually a hard working and clever ruler, despite his encounter and loss to the Spanish.
Bio.com. A&E Networks Television, n.d. Web. 05 Sept. 2014.



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