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Curriculum changes at KS3

No description


on 8 February 2013

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Transcript of Curriculum changes at KS3

Emma Bains
@bains_1 Small changes to the curriculum to improve motivation “It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop.”
Confucius During the key stage pupils should be offered the following opportunities that are integral to their learning and enhance their engagement with the concepts, processes and content of the subject... Why do I need to "teach" pencil case items? Why can't we use a different topic? National Curriculum Gender
plurals Cluedo Practise speaking
Practise pronunciation
Practise using nouns
Give a range of opinion starters ¡Hola!
Me llamo José. Tengo 11 años. Soy español. Soy de Granada en España.

Me gusta el cine. Prefiero las películas de acción. Vivo con mi familia, mi mama, mi papa, mi hermano Pedro, y mi hermana Sofía. También tengo un hámster y una serpiente.

No me gusta el fútbol ni el jockey, pero me encantan los videojuegos, por ejemplo los Sims y Grand Theft Auto.
José Rights & Responsibilities Tenemos el derecho a... Me llamo

Vivo en

En mi opinión tenemos el derecho a

Tenemos la responsabilidad de Tenemos la responsabilidad de … Tenemos el derecho a … Mobile phone
Television use the target language in connection with topics and issues that are engaging and may be related to other areas of the curriculum. Clear rationale There may, however, be practical reasons why it is not possible to offer continuity in learning the same language [...]Whatever the decision made, it is essential that secondary schools have a clear rationale for their languages provision and exploit fully the learning gains made at Key Stage 2. exploit fully Things that Year 7 can't live without... Listening is the most difficult to find Fernando Torres What do you expect this advert to advertise?
What questions would you ask to get some more information?
How are you going to ensure that you are concentrating?
What 3 things are you going to tell yourself before you begin to listen?
What 3 gestures will you make whilst listening?
If the Head teacher walks in the room now, how will he know what we’re learning today? Resilience - Perseverance La publicidad Fashion running quiz L.O. to understand how factories work in places like China, India…
To give opinions in Spanish Fábrica de Gorras The Factory Game Colour in the hats exactly the same as the picture Anything that is not perfect will be rejected 1 gorra= 1€26
2 gorra = 2€52
3 gorra = 3€79

Que vas a comprar? ¿Cuánto ganaste? Medicamentos

Tu mama esta enferma, necesita medicamentos, pero son caros

2€54 Madera

Necesitas cocinar, para tener comida caliente

1€00 Jabón

Lo mas importante es ser sano, es importante estar limpio

0€62 Comida

12 horas sin comida?

1€49 Bebida

12 horas sin refresco es muy difícil

0€39 Billete de autobús

Necesitas el billete
Si llegas tarde solo fabricas 2 gorras.

0€30 Reading text types “Spoon feeding in the long run teaches us nothing but the shape of the spoon.”
E.M. Forster “Genius is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration.” Thomas Edison @bains_1 Barcelona New Curriculum
KS3- Spanish Que yo sepa fue @Joedale con un iPod en Coventry Coventry
Nottingham En Un iPad
Un iPod
Un lápiz
Un móvil con @joedale
@pelado Fue Cluedo
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