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No description

Summer Parks

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of Pride

The first example of pride in the odyssey is when odyessus gets a big head about defeating the trojans and comming up with the idea of the horse
This is what angers posiedon in the first place Pride At land of the Cicones they are "winners" and they feast in there glory with women and food until they army comes on horse back and defeats them In pride odysseus tells the cycolps his name and being posidons son posiedon punishes him more Posiedon is the punisher of Odysseus in
the Odyssey because not only did posiendon
want credit for the Greek victory but
also because he blinded the Cyclops Posiedons son In the land of dead he is pridefull about going into the land of the dead by himself to prove to his men he is the strongest With the sirens Odysesus survived and was a good leader beacause of his pride and will power By: Summer Parks and Bob McCall
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