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Influencing Leaders - NSF Reverse Site Visit

Sept 9 2013

Leticia Britos Cavagnaro

on 21 November 2013

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Transcript of Influencing Leaders - NSF Reverse Site Visit

Influencing Leaders
Innovation & Entrepreneurship
are emerging engineering education priorities that struggle to be implemented
Change Strategy
Communication Strategy
Year 1
From Awareness to Action
Engage & influence leadership (university, government, industry), policy & professional standards to
focus on I&E as a core priority
thought-leadership pieces
Supporting local university leaders
who are interested in infusing I&E at their schools
Influencing the national agenda
around I&E and engineering education.
Building Communities
Baseline survey
Leveraging Research Data & engaged participants' work
ABET group
Research "products"
Professor Joseph Tranquillo (Bucknell U.) at Epicenter Retreat October 2012
50+ participants from 15 HBCUs, including:
6-8 school Presidents
Engineering Deans and Provosts

Startup & Innovation Summit for
HBCU Leaders
(Partnership with United Negro College Fund)
What happens after the event?
Advisory Boards: Faculty and Leaders
Research Leaders
144 faculty and administrators responses from
90 US institutions

65% faculty
31% administrators
4% both

58% public, 41% private institutions
Communities and partnerships as a strategy for long-term sustainability
Awareness and Listening
Year 2
Year 3
Year 4
Year 5
Communities, Partners & engaged participants
National Advisory Board
Epicenter Retreat Working Groups
Innovation Workshop for ReNUWIt ERC
University Innovation Fellows
Publications and communications
Participation in major events (ASEE, EDI)
1-1 meetings with leaders and delegations
Online Education
Media strategy
Face-to-face strategy
STEP Grantees Meeting
Curation Board
Open conference
Epicenter Retreat
Pathways Program
Lean LaunchPad
Epicenter @ PA
Is developing regional "Epicenters" a good model?
Dissemination of Alumni Innovation Survey
Epicenter Retreat (Oct 2012)
University Innovation Fellows
National Advisory Board
HBCU Innovation Summit
Advisory Board
The overall objective of this project is to
pilot the concept of a regional Epicenter cluster, using engineering programs in Pennsylvania as the regional test site
. The engineering programs in this project represents a wide variety of universities by size, public / private, research /teaching, rural /urban, residential / commuter.
Gap between importance and practice
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