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Copy of Back to School Night

No description

Lindsey Brown

on 19 September 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Back to School Night

Daily Schedule
Topics of Discussion
Thank You!
Homework is assigned Monday-Thursday
Welcome to Fourth Grade!
Mr. Seniura
St. Johns Lane Policies
Homework Policies
Common Core Standards
Daily Schedule
20 minutes of nightly reading (followed by reading log)
Nightly spelling homework
8:35-9:00 Morning Meeting

9:00-10:00 Related Arts

1:00-2:00 Recess and Lunch

2:00-3:00 Content
(Science, S.S., Health)

Contact Information
Field Trips!
Thank You All For Coming!
Looking Forward to a Fun,
Productive Year!
St. Johns Lane Policies
Behavior Expectations
Be Respectful
Be Responsible
Be Ready to Learn
St. Johns Lane Behavior Hierarchy
All students begin every day
with Super Behavior.
If a student needs assistance
to follow the expectations then
a sequence of consequences
is followed.
Series of Consequences
1st Warning
2nd Warning
Time Out
Parent Contact
Administrative Involvement
10:00-11:15 Math

11:15-1:00 Language Arts
Contact Information
Ms. Brown (Team Leader)
Mrs. Jorquera
Ms. Hill
Mr. Seniura
Mrs. Baker (Para-educator)
10 minutes long
Students will eat while working
Permitted snacks: pretzels, graham crackers, fruit snacks, fruit, vegetables (no dip), cheese-its, goldfish, yogurt, cheese sticks
A safe, secure, and easy way for me
to stay in contact with you!
Receive text message reminders from
your teacher!
Teachers don't see your cell phone
number, and you don't see theirs.
Works with any phone, not just smart
Students are expected to have all of their completed homework in school every day.
If a student does not turn in completed homework, a homework notice will be sent home that must be signed by a parent and returned with the completed assignment. Repeatedly missing homework assignments may be reflected on your child's report card.
Students should contact one of their "Homework Buddies" if they need help or have forgotten their homework at school.
Nightly math homework
No homework is given on days that students took a test.
Otherwise, there is homework every night, Monday-Thursday!
Check your child's agenda book for homework assignments.
Occasional content homework (Science, Social Studies, Health)
Three research projects throughout the year
We suggest that completing all homework should take approximately 45-60 minutes a night. If your child is taking much longer, please have your child stop working and write your teacher a note.
Homework Projects
Three per year
Students are given over a month to complete
Aligned with reading, writing, and content objectives
Teaches time-management skills
Biography Research Project
Presentations will be in November.
Plant or Animal Research Project
Presentations in February.
Country Report
Presentations in May.
Why the Common Core Curriculum?
What will our students learn?
Grade 4
Grade 5
Where Can I Get More Information?
Weekly Assignment (Reading passage with questions)
Spelling homework will be the same each week:
Monday - Sort and define
Tuesday - Meaningful sentences
Wednesday - Choice Board
Thursday - Pre-test
Each night students should read for 20 minutes and then complete the portion on their reading log for that day. They will either summarize what they have read OR make a prediction of what will happen next.
Each week, students will be given a weekly assignment. This will contain a passage to read, multiple choice questions to answer, and a written response on the back. This is not due until Friday.
The standards are the result of a national movement to provide an equitable, coherent, focused, and rigorous curriculum.

The standards will enable our students to be college and career ready in order to compete globally.

Maryland adopted the Common Core in 2011 and will begin assessing those standards during the 2014-2015 school year.

HCPSS started the transition two years ago with kindergarten and implemented the CCSS in grades 1&2 last school year.

The transition continues this year in grades 3, 4 and 5. Therefore, all students will be prepared for new assessments the following year in 2014-2015.

Why Grades 3, 4, and 5 in 2013-2014?
Problem Solving and Application
Place Value
Geometric lines and angles

Problem Solving and Application
Volume Measurement
Quadrilaterals and Coordinate Grids
Numerical Expressions

More information about the Common Core State Standards
Specific grade level standards
Optional activities you can do at home to support your student

If you would like to bring in a treat for your child's birthday, it must be non edible (pencils, stickers, erasers, etc.)
For field trips each class will need 3 chaperones.
All chaperones will be randomly drawn from a pool of volunteers.
We will have at least 2 field trips:
St. Mary's City - Friday, October 25
This is an extended day trip
One field trip in the spring - TBD
Thank you for coming! I hope that many of your questions were answered but, if you have any other questions, feel free to ask. :)
One Last Thing...
We need your help!
To sign up for Mr. Seniura's Homeroom
To sign up for Mr. Seniura's Math Class
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