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GSIS IT System. Needs Analysis

No description

Peter Woodhead

on 6 December 2015

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Transcript of GSIS IT System. Needs Analysis

School Attendance System
Teacher Mark Book
Any system has to have direct and dynamic
access to Maze data for class, students
and teacher timetable

Either use eMaze upgrade - Teacher Companion. One off cost of 28K

Or contract 3rd Party to build custom solution

Or continue to use eMaze
Improving Access to Maze Data
Already have a mixed range of IT Systems in place
There is overlap as some systems provide several services
Staff would welcome better access to Maze data
We need an electronic registration system and replacement for Klassebook
Some staff prefer to use their own systems to monitor student progress
IB has special service requirements
Communication with parents, students and teachers could be better
Video storage and broadcasting is problematic
There is no single system which will provide all these services

The Key Question
How can we improve the way our IT Systems support Professional Practice?

Current Situation
Our Task for Today

We need to decide which IT system is best suited for:

Mark Book
Access to Maze Data
IBD Needs
Video storage and management

Any system has to have direct and dynamic
access to Maze data for class, students
and teacher timetables

Either use full version of Teacher Companion included in annual maintenance costs and only small capital cost

Or commision a 3rd Party to design and build custom solution ( see ESF Gateway Project
Adopt new Maze Mark Book. Capital cost of 28K and Annual cost of 7K

Deploy ManageBac IA Grade Book
school wide. 80K Annual cost for all Secondary

Commission custom solution - cost unknown

Purchase a Cloud Solution such as
Engrade - Schoology - LearningBoost

Allow individual choice using Apps such as ( or Google Forms)

Use whole school attendance

Adapt Google Docs to create Klasse Journal

Use LEO to maintain Klasse Journal
Use Teacher Companion to email teachers and parents of a student

Create custom solution using Google Apps
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