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animal rights

No description

mariela ramirez

on 8 January 2013

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Transcript of animal rights


*Many animals dont deserve the life that they have because their owners are disrespectful and some of them are abusers .

* THEY SAY THAT ANIMALS ARE A PERSONS BESTFRIEND!! ANIMALS ANIMALS ! ANIMAL ABUSE *Many animals get abused just because their owners think its funny when its actually not .

*This doesnt relate to me but it hurts me that many amials get hurt every day.

*Leonardo De Vinchi said ''The time will come when people will look at the murder of animals as they now look at the murder of humans". THE SOURCES I USED WERE :



& PETA.ORG STOP ANIMAL ABUSE !!! ANIMAL RIGHTS mariela's presentation Rise up class 4th period Ecuador 12-12-12 * Many animals in every country go to shelters every day without u even knowing.

*The animals get picked up from the streets

* In North Dakota , Mississippi, Kentucky,and Arkansas are the 4 states that abuse their animals such as dog fighting in the streeths.

*Animals in some places get adopted so they can have a better home for them and they have new friends (owners)
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