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Space: Black Holes

Check out this science information about space's dangerous, vanishing black holes in this cool Prezi/presentation

brichta teacher

on 20 April 2011

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Transcript of Space: Black Holes

Space: BLACK HOLES Black holes are very dangerous. They take up space in the galaxy, and they can make you vanish once you are fully inside the black hole. Black holes are one of the worst things you can avoid in space.When you get sucked up, you stay in. Black holes are like vacum cleaners. The black hole sucks you up like pieces of dirt that vacum cleaners clean up. Black holes are also the gravity controllers of the galaxy. Did you know more about black holes? Well, I kinda do. Scientists are the masters of studying space. Some may be smarter than you, even you may be smarter than a scientist! But the facts and prediction questions I give you can be found at the last fact and questions that are given too.Answer these questions and learn about facts: If you were standing on top of a asteroid and you fell, what would happen?, What would happen if you were super strong, and you escaped from a black hole? You would die! You would be a super hole! You can't escape a black hole, but if you have enough might to get out of a black hole, you could! Some people can't belive that! But, very strong superheroes can defeintly get out of a black hole. Check out Google.com and you too can look up this research. Superheroes that are very strong sometimes fail to get out of a black hole and the gravity pushes the superhero into the black hole, and their powers can be lost and can't be replaced because they could be dead in the black hole. Black holes are scary, some aren't. Black holes have been in space till 0001! They were the first dangerous things in the universe! Astronauts and scientists were the first to study black holes. They discovered a new piece of matter called gravity that was a kind of pushing gas.
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