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Ulysses S. Grant

No description

crystal garcia

on 24 January 2013

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Transcript of Ulysses S. Grant

Obstacle 1 Obstacle 2 Obstacle 3 Goal Start Ulysses S. Grant Presidency
Ulysses S. Grant During the Civil War, Grant relentlessly pursed the enemy and in 1864 was entrusted with command of all U.S. armies. Who Is Ulysses S. Grant? He was born Hiram Ulysses Grant on April 27, l822, in Point Pleasant, Ohio.He graduated from West Point in 1843, and was the first President to do so.
At 46 years old, Grant became the youngest president. Grant's "Quaker" Indian Peace Policy promoted the welfare of Indians as individuals and broke ground for their eventual citizenship. Raised the nations credit... Grant pursued policies that stopped inflation.... Grant's desire for peace was evident to us from the beginning of our research, but we did not realize how far-reaching it was The successful arbitration of the Alabama marks foreign policy victories for the USA. United States 1.Grant signed the KKK Act

2.Grant went forward with the 15th amendment

3.Grant was responsible for improving Anglo-American relations. 1.Called to the Office of Chief Executive without any political training ... and reduced taxes and the national debt by over $300 million and $435 million respectively. until we noted the steadiness he displayed throughout the presidential electoral crisis of 1876-1877. This could have easily resulted in a disaster. Negative Outcome Positive Outcome Despite the scandals that Grant was accused for being apart of, his overall presidency was very effective. 2.He did not really understand politics, which hindered his effectiveness as President
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