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Anime Con Prep

Tips and advice for preparing for an anime convention

Morgs M.

on 12 December 2012

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Transcript of Anime Con Prep

Convention Preparation! letsa go! What to bring? But what to bring..? Wallet -Badge money (if you didn't pre-reg)
-Money set aside for food/drinks
-Only bring as much as you're willing to part with
*set aside an emergency fund (optional) Camera -take pictures of awesome cosplayers!
-bring extra batteries, or make sure your camera is charged
- be wary of how much memory you have! Cellphone -call ride, friends
-put on high volume, conventions are noisy!
-can use to take pictures as well -Water, snacks, food

-Lip balm, bandaids, hand sanitizer

-Light jacket (depending on weather)

-Glasses/contacts solution (includes
sunglasses!) Small sewing/repair kit If you will be cosplaying: Makeup For example:
-Safety pins
-thread the color of your cosplay + sewing needle
-super glue -for touchups
(mainly lipstick, foundation/powder, eyeliner, mascara, eyelash glue) Plushies, shirts, bags, figurines, clothes, posters, accessories, etc What to Buy Also useful: Dealers/Vendors Artist Alley Prints, posters, fan art, key chains, charms, jewelry, hats, t-shirts, tote bags, etc. i.e., anything handmade! Con Safety -Bring a friend, stay
with friend(s)
-Be assertive if someone makes you uncomfortable
-Use your better knowledge
-Don't go off-site with a stranger
(Stranger danger!)
- be wary of suspicious people, and report them if necessary. -Research prices of what you have in mind of buying so you don't get ripped off!
-Try asking for discounts, haggle Also important: -Make sure you have a ride arrangement

-Plan out schedule (where do you want to go first, gathering times)

-Budget wisely

-Be aware of your belongings!

-Don't be shy, ask for photos of cosplayers! Ask them questions about their cosplay

-Have a good time! Have fun at the con~! The End! Now we're ready!
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