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Democracy or Not?

No description

Ryan Barkwell

on 16 September 2013

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Transcript of Democracy or Not?

Democracy or Not?
Entrenched Democracy
- Features elections, parliament and no threat to democratic rule
- has been a successful democracy since WW1
-A socially democratic nation that balances both social policy and economic individualism
Transitional democracy
- ever since India was released from British control, it has been a democratic nations
-Capitalist-> one of the fastest growing economies in the world
- has a broken and inefficient justice system in need upheaval and renewal

New Zealand
Democracy or Not?
My Checklist:
- Elections? if so, are they not rigged or ill-influenced (military coups, revolution)

-stability of democracy (how long has the nation been democratic)

-Prime minister versus dictator

-some form of parliament?

-severity of threats to democracy in the nation

-Capitalist? Often plays a role in the political nature of a nation

The labels
Entrenched Democracy: A strong stable democracy with little to no threats against it

Transitional Democracy: A nation that has become democratic in the past 50 years, or is struggling to maintain democracy due to threats to democratic rule

Authoritarian State: A nation that is ruled by a dictator or military leader and has little inclination towards democratic tendencies ( elections, parliament)
Only since 1992 has there been a multiple party system in place in Chad
-The government is always in fear of rebel attempts to take over
-Is a failed state according to the Fund for Peace
Transitional Democracy
-features parliament and a presidential system of legislature
-features high drug and war crime related murders
-a nation transitioning towards a steady capitalist marketplace

Entrenched Democracy
-constitutional monarchy, similar to Canada
- Regarded as one the best and most stable governments in the world
-also a capitalist nation
Transitional Democracy
- has made steps to become a free and fair democratic nation
-however the nation has experienced political scandals in the recent past and is being monitored by the UK to ensure that the government respects the rights of its citizens
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