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Copy of Copy of Welcome to Workday

No description

Susan Beck

on 8 May 2014

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Transcript of Copy of Copy of Welcome to Workday

Welcome to Workday:
Manager Introduction and Training
Thursday May 8, 2014

What this means for SNC Lavalin

Every employee in SNC-Lavalin reports to one manager and one manager only.*
A manager of a supervisory organization is not a member of that organization; he/she is part of his/her manager’s organization.
Contingent workers and non-paid Students cannot be managers.
A new employee (or contingent worker) can only exist if a position is created in an organizational structure; for the Workday launch, all employees (including contingent workers) have been assigned to a position.

What this means for SNC

Each activity performed in Workday is supported by a global standardized business process
The way in which a business process is initiated or approved is done the same way throughout SNC-Lavalin
You will be prompted to execute a business process through a task that can be seen in your Inbox or on your Workfeed
Business process related activities remain in the system and can be used to view the status or for audit purposes
Once a business process is initiated, you will be able to view the status of it by clicking on the “Worker History” tab within an employee profile
Workday is a powerful tool designed for all SNC-Lavalin employees, managers and HR community. More than simply a robust database,

Workday provides an intuitive environment in which you can take care of business in your natural workspace. Whether it be at work in a meeting or at home.

With Workday, both management and human resources will become more efficient, flexible and responsive. This will enable them to better support SNC-Lavalin’s growth and operational excellence.

So why's it so great?

Employee Self-Service
>Employees will have access to their own personal data and will have the ability to update at any time
Manager Self-Service
>Managers will have access to all professional related data concerning their employees within their scope and will be able to initiate changes
Key corporate processes will be driven through Workday
- Performance Appraisal, Talent Review, Potential Assessment, Talent Card
- Annual Salary Review
- Compensation related activities

Workday Core Concepts
Supervisory Organization
Business Processes
Position Management
Security and Roles
Basic Navigation

What Employees See:
Position Management
Team Member Birthdays
Team Work Anniversaries
Team Performance
Headcount data/WF
Real-time "Process Status"
What Managers See:
Dashboards .....
Workday Mobile App
-Tablets and Smart Phones
-Android and iOS
-Anytime, Anywhere!
1:1 training will be scheduled with Managers to review "Employee step-by-step" process
All Employees now have access to features like:
Team Directory Swirl &
Org Charts
Roles and Security
Supervisory Organisation
Defines who reports to whom
Enables business process approvals
Drives security
Is defined by the manager’s name (e.g. John Smith’s supervisory organization will be named “John Smith supervisory organization”)

Supervisory organization is a key concept in Workday
Business Processes
Determines who approves or denies a request, who needs to complete additional tasks, who needs to be notified
Requires different actions to be executed up to a combination of Actions, Approvals, Approval Chains, To Dos and/or Checklists
Is sequential and determines what tasks need to be done in order for an event to occur
Indicates when the task must be completed

List of key business processes

Manager. HR Analyst, HR Partner
In order to hire, promote, demote, or transfer an employee into a position, such position must be created and approved prior to the employee’s start date
Position drives headcount
A position consolidates key job information such as job family, job profile, worker type, location, full-time/part-time, required qualifications, experience and education level

The staffing model used in Workday for SNC-Lavalin is called “Position Management”.
What this means for SNC

An employee only exists in one position and can only move from one position to another one
A job profile is attached to each position as well as a job family, job family group and salary band.
When transferring an employee outside of your organization, decide if you transfer both the position and the employee or just the employee.
If an employee is promoted within the same organizational structure, a new position needs to be created unless it is a progression within the same position, for which you would have selected 2 job profiles when you created the position in the first place.
When a position is approved in Workday, it allows the recruiter to create a job requisition in TalentLink.
Every position (filled or not) is shown in the organizational structure and organizational chart

A business process is a sequence of events that has been defined by the implementation team to ensure that standard controls and compliance can be enforced
Position Management Fundamentals
In Workday - the Worker and the Position are 2 seperate objects
When a different Worker sits in a Position they gain the attributes of that chair

Employee Movement Scenarios
The change job process can be used to promote, demote, and transfer employees. The following outlines some of the common movements and changes that can be initiated via this process:

Security groups control what you can do and what you can access
Security groups are used for each role in a business processes
Workday users cannot view data that is not granted with their security group
Managers have access to information related only to their role. This excludes employee’s personal information such as their benefit elections
Employees have access to their own information and corporate organizational charts

To support the execution of a business process and allow proper information privileges, roles have been assigned and security has been attached for each role

You can : View; Initiate; Approve/Review; Be notified; Access dashboard and reports
Managers have access to information related only to their role. This excludes employee’s personal information such as their benefit elections
Employees have access to their own information and corporate organizational charts

Example of Roles:
What this means for SNC
In addition to strategic actions...
Managers now have access to
Many reports are available in Workday; some are Workday generated and some are specific to SNC-Lavalin.
To obtain a report, enter a key word into the search functionality and if a report is available, a list of report will be made available to you.

From your landing page, you can select the tab Dashboards. From the pull-down menu, you will then be able to access reports in three categories: Compensation, Talent Management and Workforce Planning.

You can also configure these pages using the “Configure this Page” located at the bottom left of the page.

What you See!
Reports through Workday!!
Workday is much more than a database offering increased capabilities from a reporting perspective; it also has
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