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The environment we live in will change dramatically in next

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Transcript of The environment we live in will change dramatically in next

The environment is intimately connected with the activities of human beings. It is like a chain because if one part of the ecosystem is destroyed, other parts which are linked with it will also be corrupted. Because of this, many movements for protecting the planet are appearing around the world; nonetheless, many people have no awareness of this problem. For these reasons, I think that our environment will be dramatically changed and our generation will face a worse situation than us.
The first thing is the destruction of nature. We survive in a country by developing the land and people think that it is a normal thing that we can easily do; however, the land has a limit to how far it can be developed, that means that if it is within the range of recovery, the planet can return to something approaching its original condition.
The second aspect is the pollution of air and water. For example, many cars emit exhaust fumes, and factories also use chemicals which harm the earth's air system. In addition, water is also affected by trash and things like food waste, which can cause the fish in lakes, rivers and seas to die. As a result, people can not breathe fresh air or drink enough water, and sometimes they will need other facilities to make oxygen and purify the water.
Nowadays protection of the environment is very important as the world is moving into a new era without considering any of the major problems of pollution with rapid industrialization. The best way to protect the environment is conservation.
Nature is so beautiful and fascinating, but unfortunately sometimes we humans are very unfair to her as it loaded with junk. Instead of taking care of it and keep it clean we often ignore it.
1. Replacing the solid propellant
2. Chemical treatment of coal base
3. Saving Fuel
Toxic and radioactive waste
The environment we live in will change dramatically in next 50 years
Greenhouse effect :
1. Stopping the massacre of forests
2.Organization and campaign financing afforestation
3.Development of alternative methods of energy production.
What are the main environment pollutions? What we can do to protect the environment?
3.Toxic and radioactive waste
Made by: Daniela Angelova
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